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May 12, 2017: Munchkin Panic Q&A Followup!

We had an incredible time in our Facebook Live Q&A last Thursday, talking about Munchkin Panic with Justin and Anne-Marie from Fireside Games! We had a big audience, lots of questions, and gave away signed copies of Munchkin Panic! Thanks again to everyone who watched! And special thanks to everyone who asked questions. We had so many that we couldn't get through them all during the stream, but the folks from Fireside Games were happy to answer them for you, anyway!

Like us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for future live streams. Lots of sneak peeks and prizes are yet to come! And check out Munchkin Panic if you haven't already. It will be featured, alongside Fireside Games' other games in the Panic line, on International Panic Day, June 18. Keep calm and panic!

Ask Fireside

Ron C. Burroughs: When I order my Munchkin Panic, how or where do I order the mini Munchkin expansion pack?
A: The More Munchkin Mini-Expansion is actually included in the base game of Munchkin Panic. No separate purchase is required.
Steve Hanson: How does combat work? How do you kill monsters?
A: You slay Monsters by matching the cards in your hand to the locations of the Monsters on the board. For example, if a Monster is in the Red Swordsman ring, you could use the Red Swordsman card to hit him for a point of damage. When you've hit the Monster for the last point of damage, you slay him and remove him from the board.
John Markley: What is the best number of players?
A: It plays 1 to 6 players well. However, 4 players seems to be the real sweet spot.
Josh Wright: How did the idea to join these games come about?
A: Phil Reed, the CEO of Steve Jackson Games, suggested the mash-up soon after Castle Panic hit the market in 2009. We finally took his good advice and published Munchkin Panic in 2014.
Steve Hanson: Castle Panic is cooperative and Munchkin is very much not. How is that combo going to work?
A: Basically, the combo works by amplifying the Master Slayer version of Castle Panic, in which you keep your kills. We also added Curses, changed Trading to Negotiating, gave the Monsters Treasure that's used for card combos, included Characters with special abilities, and took away the requirement to have a Tower standing to have a winner. So, the game mechanics are based primarily on Castle Panic, but the rules changes swing the feel of the game more in the direction of Munchkin.
David Meyer: How do these games relate to the competition and cooperation mind-sets?
A: Whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll find moments where it makes sense for players to cooperate to gain Treasure or kill Monsters, and other moments in which it is to your advantage to act more competitively to win. In Munchkin Panic, you want to be the one with the most points in Monster kills to win and be named the Master Munchkin.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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