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May 28, 2017: California Regulates Sale Of Autographed Items, Including Games

This law seems so silly that I did a bit of homework just to make sure I wasn't falling for fake news. But it seems to be the real thing. Still silly, though.

It applies highly onerous requirements, and harsh penalties, to any dealer selling autographed items in or from California. It appears to have grown out of a concern over counterfeit sports memorabilia, and been drafted by an amateur lawmaker who never heard the word "playtest."

The law does not mention games, but it clearly applies to game dealers; it applies to everything autographed and worth $5 or more. Needless to say, it has bookstores upset. One local book chain has filed suit to overturn the law. Here's the Consumerist article.

Those of you who live in California might want to write to your representative in the Assembly. Those of you who do business in California, or who attend shows in California – be aware!

If you know more about this, please discuss in the forum thread (see below).

-- Steve Jackson

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