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November 2, 2011: New Shirts In The Warehouse!

If you've attended Gen Con, PAX Prime, PAX East, or any of the trade shows we've exhibited at this year, you've seen our neon-bright shirts. Many of you have asked to buy them, sometimes right off our backs. At that time, the only sad answer we could give was "Sorry; staff only."

But now, after sacrificing nearly a dozen MIBs to the [FNORD], which is the only creature that makes a dye that . . . bright, we now have a limited number of these beauties available through Warehouse 23.

Choose from the classy gold on black of the Munchkin 10th Anniversary shirt, the eye-gouging pink on black of the Give Me The Brain shirt, the leaking radiation yellow on black of the Munchkin Zombies shirt, the "Wow that's pink!" pink of the Chibithulhu shirt, the tasty . . . er, tasteful green on purple of the Cthulhu Dice shirt, or the drippy white on black of the Zombie Dice shirt.

Wearing these shirts won't get you into the illuminated back rooms at major cons, but they will make it easy for your fellow gamers to identify you as a hoopy frood.

-- Paul Chapman

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