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November 14, 2011: Get Talented!

Power Ups 3 Talents

Sure, you can pay for a top-rate education, or for tools that enable you to perform amazing abilities beyond those of your peers. However, you know what you can't buy? Talent.

No, wait . . . scratch that. It's easy to buy Talents. We've got a whole slew of them right here, in ready-to-download form from e23!

Written by the transcendentally talented GURPS grandmaster Sean Punch, GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents continues the Power-Ups tradition of pick-up-and-go packages to spice up your GURPS game. As it says on the label, this supplement is devoted to Talents -- a listing of all those that have gone before, as well as a trove of new Talents. It also contains new optional rules and possibilities that add more punch to the very concept of Talents; check out the awesome alternative benefits for possessing Talents, or the befuddling Anti-Talents!

If you've ever longed for additional inborn abilities and natural know-how, GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents is your best bet. It'll cost you a lot less than an Ivy League education . . . or even an Ivy League sweatshirt!

-- Steven Marsh

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