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November 8, 2007: Warehouse 23 Contest Winners!

The Great Cthulhu Giveaway has ended! Cthulhu has left R'lyeh, and travels forth unto his new home to sow madness among his neighbors.

Whom will Cthulhu torment? What manner of men shall be driven mad by his unholy gaze?

JHG Hendriks, that's who.

That's right, Mr. Hendriks is the Grand Prize winner and the 28" tall Cthulhu is even now making his unspeakable way to his new home.

But Mr. Hendriks shall not suffer alone, for 10 others have been singled out by the unknowable, and ten 7" plush Cthulhus shall descend upon the following "Runners Up:"

  • Jürgen Hubert
  • Lawson Vicario
  • Richard Mitchell
  • Alex Murillo
  • Benny Sperling
  • Pascual Vidal López
  • Kelly Dhillon
  • Jeffrey Rushton
  • Luiz Fernando Claro
  • Anthony Polise III

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.

-- Shadlyn

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