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November 29, 2007: Pick A Card . . .

Ripped Cards

I frequently find myself wandering the halls of the office asking unusual questions. “Nixon or Kennedy? CIA or KGB? What’s that smell?”

Today, though, I wandered the office with an assortment of cards asking the odd -- but important -- question: “Which card do you like best?” This is as close as I can get to a blindtest in the office when it’s time to settle on a card weight, stock, and finish for a new project. (Like Munchkin Quest, yes, but also cards for an old favorite from another company -- a game that we’re bringing back -- that we’re not quite ready to announce yet.)

You see, not all game cards are created equal. Between the two sides of the card there is a “core.” Grab a nearby card and tear it, if you dare, and you’ll spot a blue, gray, or white center. (Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a creamy center card.) This core, in addition to the finish, affects how a card feels in your hand. You can’t see it, but the core is a very, very important part of a card’s usability as a game piece.

In the end I think we managed to determine exactly which combination of weight, stock, and finish to use in a few new projects. It was dull, tedious work that forced me to interrupt a number of people from their jobs but, in the end, when the projects are released, I think this exercise will prove to have been well worth the effort.
-- Phil Reed

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