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November 8, 2011: BoardGameGeekCon

Later this month, we'll be driving up to Dallas for BoardGameGeekCon, the event organized by the founders of BoardGameGeek, one of the best resources on the internet for gamers. The attendees, as one might expect, are extremely knowledgable about games of all kinds.

For our part, we'll have a pile of plush and games to sell, and we'll be playing our games. In addition to the favorites like Revolution!, The Stars Are Right, and Nanuk, we'll have a couple of new dice game prototypes to test and show off.

But it won't be all work and no play. After the booth closes, we'll be playing whatever games we can . . . and we can play quite a few games. Who needs sleep, anyway?

If you're rolling dice, moving chits, or just waving your hands wildly, stop by and say "Hi!"

-- Paul Chapman

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