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November 9, 2019: Learn Game Mastering Secrets From Robin Laws


Out-of-print for over a decade, we're happy to report that Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering is back in print and available now at your favorite local game store! If you're ever game-mastered an RPG, or wanted to become a game master, Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering is an incredible introduction to the role of the GM in gaming.

Has your game got the blahs? Are your players spending more time thumbing through your book collection than hunting down clues, more energy heckling one another than in crushing their cruel foes? Never fear, o beleaguered Game Masters, for Robin D. Laws, noted game designer (Feng Shui, Hero Wars, Dying Earth, Rune) and columnist for Dragon magazine is here to help.

Know your players! Analyze your system! Build your campaign! Design adventures! Prepare to be spontaneous, and improvise like a fiend!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced roller of the polyhedrals, the insights in this book will improve your Game Mastering faster than you can say, "Roll for initiative!"

If Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering is not available at your favorite local game store, you may order it today direct from us at Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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