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November 15, 2011: Munchkin At Hal-Con

I just got home from Hal-Con in Halifax. It was amazing. Wonderful, friendly people; hard-working, committed volunteers; fans who like to costume and dance and game. PINBALL MACHINES, set to FREE. More costumes. Great model displays. A fantastic dealer room. Oh, yeah, and costumes! This con deserves to be a lot better known. It will be. (And the guests for 2012 include John Kovalic and Paul and Storm. The awesomeness may very well create a black hole. WITH COSTUMES.)

There was a lot of Munchkin, too. AND MUNCHKIN COSTUMES! YES! But other than the COSTUMES, two biggies:

This is Munchkin Axe Cop release week. There were a lot of copies in the dealer room when Hal-Con started. And apparently very, very few when it ended. I signed a bunch, and we played Axe Cop for the Munchkin finals. It was fantastic. A couple of the players were Axe Cop fans. The rest were new to the comic but will go read it now! None of them had seen the cards before, and there was a lot of laughter, but also some very good play. No, I did not win. I came close, but I don't begrudge the winner! He sacrificed a bookmark at the absolutely perfect time, got the card draw he wanted, and nuked us. Great play.

And I announced the next Munchkin core set during my talk. It will be . . . Munchkin Apocalypse! This will be out sometime in 2012, probably late 2012. The world is falling apart -- it's a great chance to level up! We have some good ideas for this one. (Also a lot of BAD ideas, but I digress.) One of the things that you folks liked about Munchkin Cthulhu was that there was an alternate way to win. So this set will feature a (different) alternate victory. It's very, very silly.

-- Steve Jackson

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