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November 28, 2015: Celebrate The Holidays With Munchkin!

Munchkin Christmas LiteNow that we've all overeaten (trust me, even if you didn't, I ate enough for the two of us) it's officially time for Christmas (or the winter holiday of your choice) (offer not valid in the Southern Hemisphere)! You may now safely display your tree, lights, stockings, and Santa statues without fear of reprisal. Those of you who had your Christmas tree up last week will pay for your indiscretion . . . one of these days. Seriously. I hope.

Since it's now officially the festive time of year, it's also the time when we direct your attention to all of our jolly Munchkin Christmas games and accessories. Over that last few years you've made it clear to us that you enjoy these holiday Munchkin treats. To keep your Yuletide full of backstabby cheer, we've added a few new goodies to the Stockings of Avarice:

  • Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas is a complete Munchkin game from our partners at USAopoly. I've played this enough times now that I can confidently say: Watch it, kids. This one can get wickedly nasty fast. Some of these cards are brutal!
  • Munchkin Christmas Lite is a perfect introduction to the Munchkin game, at only $9.95. We created this intending it to be a gift item, but after looking through the cards, I'm positive anyone who plays Munchkin is going to want this set for the holidays.
  • Munchkin Yule Log is a great partner to Munchkin Christmas Lite. This is available now exclusively at BAM and offers a festive gameboard for Munchkin, along with new cards and tokens.

-- Phil Reed

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