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November 30, 2019: Car Wars Sprints Ahead!


Early yesterday morning, the Kickstarter launched for Car Wars Sixth Edition. Your support was immediate . . . and huge. It hit $200,000 a few minutes after noon. As this Illuminator gets put to bed, it's over $280,000. And because it's happening over the holidays when everyone is busy, it'll be a long campaign - it ends on January 6.

The stretch goals that have already been reached make this an even bigger and better game, and of course we've got more than a month to go. My private hope is that it exceeds Ogre to become our biggest Kickstarter ever. I think it could do that. But whatever happens, it's a great campaign. Hats off to Phil Reed for all the work he did in making this happen, to Ben Williams for beautiful mini painting, to Gabby Ruenes for the refinement of rules and layouts, and of course to Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann for literally years of work in creating this fantastic new design. They've created a game that I really enjoy playing . . . or just watching, because the components are so dramatic and the table talk is always fun.

Keep an eye on the campaign as it progresses. We've still got a LOT left to show you!

-- Steve Jackson


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