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October 3, 2019: On The Dungeon Road Again

We had a wonderful summer visiting stores from Austin to Columbus, along the path to Origins, then up through the Michigan Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and down to Indy for Gen Con. Spyke met many new friends and we were able to get some constructive feedback from many store owners. Alas, all good things come to an end – or in this case, an intermission.
After Gen Con, I had to help oversee the removal of 30 of our 430 solar panels on the roof at Steve Jackson Games HQ. This meant a rush back to Austin. Three weeks later, roof repaired and solar array tested, we set back out for Indy again, to resume our trek.
So here we are in mid-September in Elkhart, Indiana, ready to head east and north. [Ed. Note: This posting was delayed a bit. Sorry, Eric!] We're headed to Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and on from there to Lynn, Massachusetts. After that, north to Vermont, and maybe into Canada before heading back to Austin for our Halloween Game Day at the office.
Do you have a favorite store you think Spyke should visit along the way? Let us know at eric@sjgames.com, and we'll make sure to get in touch and plan a day. We've been showing off Deadly Doodles, Munchkin Warhammer 40,000, and Zombie Dice, but if you have other titles you'd like to see, bring 'em in and we'll see to it they get played, too. Watch our Facebook page for more details.

Spyke says YES to Chocolate! Visiting the South Bend Chocolate FactorySpyke says YES to Chocolate! Visiting the South Bend Chocolate Factory.


Spyke says, "Come on, Quetzalcoatl, let's FLY!"

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