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October 5, 2019: Meet GloryHoundd!

GloryHoundd!Hello, Fellow Gamers!

I'm GloryHoundd, and I've been part of the Steve Jackson Games demonstration team since 2014. Over this time, I've had the amazing pleasure of working with many MIBs around the world, as well as the lovely people down at the Steve Jackson Games headquarters in Austin. Over the last few years, I'm happy to say that I've been able to develop a lot of the live content and unboxing videos for the company. I've also taken over some of the responsibilities of getting pictures and videos for the company's social-media content. This was a great fit for me because I've always loved reaching out to you guys in the community and geeking out over games.

Quite recently, I've been asked to help out as a collaborator on the Kickstarter campaigns the company hosts (follow us! – SJ Games and Warehouse 23) to increase our video and social-media outreach! Steve Jackson Games has always carried a very special place in my heart (being the creator of one of the gateway games that brought me into the hobby, almost 20 years ago). So I'm very excited to be creating new content for all of you and shedding new light on some of the classics that helped bring this hobby to life.

Let's Game Together!

-- GloryHoundd

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