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October 12, 2011: More Now Shipping!

Is this the second "Now Shipping" Illuminator this month? Yes indeed! With the holidays creeping up on us, we're getting a couple of extra goodies onto your friendly local games shelves.

Zombie Chibithulhu

Cute. Cuddly. Cannibalistic.

Our line of Chibithulhu plush toys has been very popular. Now we've zombified it!

This 10” tall soft and huggable plush figure features huge, adorable, dead eyes, a juicy pink brain on the chest . . . and tentacles. It's made of all-new materials, and is machine washable.

Of course, this toy includes a special rule, which will help you during Munchkin Zombies games.

10" tall plush toy. Stock #9407, UPC 837654321331. $22.95.

-- Paul Chapman

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