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October 26, 2011: Now Shipping: GURPS Tactical Shooting

We've had a high number of releases over the past couple of weeks. It may seem odd, but you don't want to be short on choices for holiday gifts, do you?

GURPS Tactical Shooting

As Real as a Fistful of Steel!

The smell of black powder and cordite. The quick blinding of a muzzle flash. The deafening roar of a close-quarter gunshot. Forget the movies; true shooting is exciting enough for a thousand stories -- if you live long enough to tell the tale.

GURPS Tactical Shooting does for lifelike shooting what GURPS Martial Arts brings to real hand-to-hand combat -- it gives you all the information you need to bring realistic firearm combat to the gaming table:

  • Dozens of new rules, options, and possibilities for realistic shooting. Discover the different stances shooters use to give them an edge. Recognize the advantages and pitfalls of high-speed shooting. Train in the tactics that will keep you alive in ambushes or on urban battlefields. Learn who shoots first in a standoff!
  • Over 20 new perks for realistic shooters. Now you can be Cool Under Fire, Sure-Footed, or the Fastest Gun in the West!
  • Nearly 20 techniques for firearm fans. Hone your Precision Aiming, become proficient in a Dual-Weapon Attack, or learn how to Work by Touch.
  • Six styles of gunfighting. Discover what you need to know to be a rifleman, sharpshooter, or shotgunner!
  • More than 40 new firearms! Information on new handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers, and more.
  • New gear for gun enthusiasts. Expanding and augmenting the equipment from GURPS High-Tech with more than 30 new gun-related items and options, including tripods, slings, sights, and camouflage -- all designed to give the shooter a realistic advantage.
  • New ammo options. Learn how, where, and why you might want to use hollow-point, buckshot, match-grade, or subsonic ammunition.
  • And more! Find out what weapons are issued to some of the world's best militaries. Debunk the myth of "tin star armor." And learn why "gangsta shooting" is never a good idea!

Whether you're looking to ramp up the realism of your modern-day adventures, build and equip characters who are sharpshooting specialists, or arm the heroes (and villains!) with tactics and tricks to shift the odds, GURPS Tactical Shooting is loaded for bear!

88-page B&W softcover. Stock #01-6196, ISBN 978-1-55634-804-4. $19.95.

-- Paul Chapman

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