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October 13, 2007: Coming In February

Steve Jackson Games announces for release in February, 2008:

Munchkin Bobblehead

Munchkin has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, with more than a dozen different Munchkin sequels and supplements, covering fantasy, sci-fi, chop-socky, horror, and more. With each set, the monsters get bigger, the curses stronger, and your party members no more trustworthy.

It's dangerous out there. You need a buddy.

The Munchkin Bobblehead will watch your back during your adventures, nodding encouragement to help you through the tough patches, and congratulating you on your treasure. Keep him on your desk at the office for inspiration -- after all, what's the office but a dungeon with cubicles? The classic Munchkin figure, complete with horned helm, bag of loot, and enormous hammer (and his latest victim!) is a great way to spot your fellow Munchkin players.

But most of all, keep him around during your Munchkin games. Not only is he nifty in his own right . . . he gives you an advantage in play. And in Munchkin , you need every bonus you can get.

Munchkin Bobblehead -- your nodding, bonus-giving, classic Munchkin buddy, 100% guaranteed to not stab you in the back.

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