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October 27, 2007: Call To Playtest: Shell-Tech For Transhuman Space

Wanted: Playtesters for Transhuman Space: Shell-Tech!

Cybershells are everywhere in the world of Transhuman Space; Shell-Tech lets you fill your games with these robotic marvels and monstrosities. This book completes the job started by Changing Times of bringing existing templates up to date with GURPS Fourth Edition, covering everything from the Medusa cybernetic hairstyle to the deadly spacefaring Jump RATS and the gigantic Cetapod. It also provides more, detailing a whole range of new specialist devices, from the handy wrist-mounted Cybertool to the Zero-G Stevedore.

This will be a short and intense playtest - no more than two weeks, probably closer to one. Readers who can check the templates for accuracy and mathematical correctness will be greatly appreciated, but comments on the plausibility and interest value of the new shell designs are also invited. Some knowledge of the Transhuman Space setting is required, but new playtesters will, as ever, be very welcome.

Playtest will start soon (real soon), so please respond quickly. The deadline for applications is October 28, and we expect the playtest to run from October 29 through November 5 (with possibly an extra week, depending).

As customary, playtest participation is via a closed e-mail list limited to Pyramid subscribers. To apply, please e-mail the Lead Playtester, Andrew Hackard (hack.editor@gmail.com), with "[Shell-Tech]" in the subject, and include your name, Pyramid username, preferred e-mail address for the mailing list, and any qualifications you feel make you suited for the playtest.
-- Thomas Weigel

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