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October 17, 2011: Does The Demon Prince of Gluttony Like Chicken Soul For The Soup?

In Nomine Superiors 2 Pleasures of the Flesh

A man walked into a bar. "Why was that even there?" he asked. "And why was it sharpened?!" Then he died.

Okay . . . perhaps that was a bit of dark humor. In fact, it might be exactly the sort of cruel joke inflicted by Kobal, the Prince of Dark Humor, who is one of the demonic presences detailed in In Nomine Superiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh. This supplement for In Nomine takes a look at four Demon Princes who believe in giving the public what they want.

How you use this supplement depends on which Demon Prince you might most want to emulate. For example, someone hoping to better understand Nybbas, the Prince of the Media, might simply read it cover to cover, marveling at the detailed write-ups of all four Princes. Someone hoping to appease Kobal, the Prince of Dark Humor, might look for opportunities for mayhem with the new attunements, Distinctions, and Rites herein.

A servant of Haagenti, the Prince of Gluttony, might simply eat the supplement, taking a moment to savor the adventure seeds as well as the alternate versions of each Prince. And someone who follows Andrealphus, the Prince of Lust, might use this supplement to . . .

I'm just going to stop writing now and walk away from this. Anyone hoping to learn more should feel free to pick up In Nomine Superiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh. There's something for everyone's taste . . . perhaps enough to satisfy you for the rest of your life.

-- Steven Marsh

Happy Halloween!

OK, we've got weeks before we can wear the costumes and eat childish amounts of candy, but we wanted to warn you about our annual Halloween party. (We'll be warning our neighbors too, but for different reasons.) On Thursday, October 27, the office will be closed. Everyone will get a chance to play some games -- including some of the designs SJ has been working on. There will be costumes, there will be food, and there will be fun.

What there won't be is much in the way of answering the phone or responding to e-mail. (Phil's BlackBerry will remain glued to his hand, as always.) Orders won't be processed, and so on.

If you need an answer from us around that date, be sure to get in touch before the Thursday, or it'll need to wait for Monday.

-- Paul Chapman

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