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October 17, 2015: The Latest In GURPS Innovation!

Pyramid #3/83: Alternate GURPS IV

GURPS fans are often at the forefront of great gaming. We celebrate that cutting-edge spirit with Pyramid #3/83: Alternate GURPS IV, the latest issue of the peerless Pyramid.

This issue's feature article lets you create high-powered heroes for GURPS Monster Hunters without character points! Just pick the options you like, put the pieces together, and start fighting the supernatural threats to humanity. It's never been easier to keep the forces of darkness at bay this Halloween season!

But that's not all! Alternate GURPS IV also includes two new reimaginings of core GURPS attributes from Sean Punch and David L. Pulver, co-authors of the Basic Set, Fourth Edition; a fast-paced take on gear from Douglas H. Cole, author of GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling; and -- for more Halloween hijinks -- a radical reimagining of the Technical Grappling system that lets you use it to deal with alien or supernatural possessions! And there's even more lurking in the pages herein . . .

With Pyramid #3/83: Alternate GURPS IV, you'll push the limits of your GURPS game in bold new ways, and possibly shake your game to its fundamental core . . . emphasis on the fun! Download this virtual vanguard from our veritable vault individually, or subscribe to Pyramid today and get this issue and more months of GURPS greatness!

-- Steven Marsh

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