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October 2, 2015: We're Off To SPIEL!

[Image]We're excited to attend the International Spieltage convention, aka SPIEL, in Essen, Germany this year! I'll be heading there with our Director of Sales, Ross Jepson, to check out what's going on in adventure game publishing on a literally global scale.

One of the reasons why we love SPIEL so much is because it gives us an opportunity to talk to all of our excellent translation partners, update them about new releases, make plans for the upcoming year, and brainstorm new and better ways of working together. Our relationships with companies like Pegasus Spiele, Edge Entertainment, Raven Distribution, Hobby World, and Black Monk allow us to reach markets across the world and make our games into international bestsellers. We're grateful for them, and it's always nice to get the chance to tell them so in person.

We have some incredible things to show them this year, too. We're extremely happy with how our Munchkin Guest Artist Editions are coming along, and we plan to make them available for translation as soon as we can. Along with new games like Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe, new boosters like Munchkin Undead, and the return of revered favorites like Car Wars: The Card Game, we hope to provide our partners a lot of great games for our fans across the pond.

If you happen to be at SPIEL this year, and you see us there, feel free to say hello! Or hola! Or bonjour! Or . . . you get the idea.

--Leonard Balsera

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