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September 2, 2015: Let Warehouse 23 A-Sale You With Ken Hite And Robin Laws!


Night's Black Agents

You may know Kenneth Hite from such masterpieces as GURPS Horror or the two Suppressed Transmission volumes. You might know Robin Laws from his best-selling Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering. You could know both from their Gold-ENnie-award-winning podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff -- and in recent years, they've made a collection of coolness at Pelgrane Press, having created more than 70 neat games and supplements between them.

Now Warehouse 23 is proud to team up with Pelgrane Press to present a 25% off sale on everything they've written for Pelgrane. Act as interplanetary law enforcement and troubleshooters amid the Ashen Stars, investigate eldritch horrors while on the Trail of Cthulhu, weave epic high-stakes sagas among the Hillfolk, wage a shadowy war against Night's Black Agents, and much, much more.

Check out the full list of everything that's on sale and grab stuff from Ken and Robin that you'll be talking about for years to come. But hurry; the sale is only from now until September 9. Let's face it, bookhounds: There's never been a better time to expand your Pelgrane Press library than now!

-- Steven Marsh

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