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September 10, 2015: MIB Report: Beware The Mini Munchkins!

The Joys of Teaching Little Munchkins

As a proud MIB, I find it my personal goal to corru-I mean teach little ones how to be complete and utter munchkins, especially when it comes to decimating their parents. My store, The Spot, had a rather large crowd for game night. This included a family with two adolescent children ages 9 and 11.

I sat the family down and taught them how to play Munchkin, utilizing one of my regular players to assist with the education process. The children picked up the game very quickly and wasted no time in utterly demolishing all adults at the table as well as each other. Both rose to level 8 before they had to leave the store, leaving all four adults in the dust at level 2 and 3.

-- Coleen Webber, MIB

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