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September 8, 2015: Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Preview - Ian McGinty

John Kovalic - Pitbull art

Throughout 2016, we will be celebrating Munchkin's 15th anniversary. One of our favorite parts of this celebration is our Guest Artist Edition series of Deluxe-style Munchkin games, where we get to work with some of our favorite artists and see their interpretation of some classic Munchkin sets.

McGinty Pitbull

Our first guest artist is Ian McGinty, the fantastic artist of BOOM! Studios comic, Bravest Warriors. Naturally, we started with the original Munchkin game and turned Ian loose to see what he could do.

On the left is John Kovalic's original art for the Pit Bull. On the right is the direction Ian took it. It's a real PIT BULL! It slays me! (OK, only that one time I failed to Run Away, but still.)

Ian McGinty's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition has 168 re-illustrated cards; you just saw one of them. There are lots of surprises still hidden in the box.

-- Carl deSoto

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