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October 20, 2015: Car Wars: The Card Game -- A Duel To The End!

With the recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I have had autoduelling dreams, shiny and chrome. What better to scratch that itch than with our new release, Car Wars: The Card Game? Based on the classic Car Wars, this game is a chance to blow out your friends' tires and pepper their chassis with bullets . . . with no legal consequences! This new edition features 40 brand-new cards, including new weapons, gear, and tactics to make the game even more exciting.

Rhea and Brian playing Car Wars: The Card Game
Auto Cannon Front Card The cards have a cool retro-style look with awesome '80s-esque muscle car illustrations. You choose the car you think is most wicked from six different options, and then unleash it into the autoduelling arena with the other combatants. In turn, you each play weapons or effects targeting specific parts of your opponents' cars. For example, I played an Autocannon Front, targeting the front of Rhea's (our community manager's) car. It came down to a tense one-on-one with Rhea, but I prevailed . . . just barely. The cards were in my favor!

The object is to just survive, outlasting your fellow players no matter what missile they launch or how much they try to incinerate you with a flamethrower. I think the game is most interesting with at least three players, because then you can gang up on one person (like Rhea and I did to Brian Engard, our Marketing Director).

Car Wars: The Card Game at Barnes & Noble This is an easy to learn, fast-moving card game, perfect for carrying around in your backpack for quick pick-up games on the go.

You can pick up Car Wars: The Card Game at your friendly FLGS! We also saw it in the wild at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

-- Anna Meade

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