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October 21, 2023: What's That You Say?

One hears some pretty odd things around the Steve Jackson Games offices. And technically on conference calls as well, as most of us are still working from home. It's best to just take these things in stride. For example, as we ramped up recently for a local convention, I overheard someone asking "How many crab men are at the office?" The response? "About 600 out in the trailer . . ."   And perhaps it's a good thing that "the warehouse is out of Curses"?

Just the other day there was a comment that I'm sure made sense to someone. Maybe. "If you get any good lizard shots, pass them along!" Um. Okay.

We have a very important call at noon every day. Officially it is the "Production" call. On my calendar, I just call it Group. (I know you know what I mean here.) We get to go to Group four times a week. I think it's helping . . .

But one of my all-time favorites was from a couple of years ago: When the late Andrew Hackard was writing one of our recent Munchkin core releases, he would end each call with, "If anyone needs me, I'll be making Babies!" Honestly, it never got old.

Making games is fun! 

-- Susan Bueno

P.S. I wouldn't advise going into the trailer.

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