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October 28, 2007: SJ Status Report

With a week, more or less, left in my Sanity Break, I'm pleased to report some progress.

I haven't been able to get away completely; I'm spending about as much time in e-mail and chat as on a normal weekday. And I've found myself putting in a couple of eight-hour office days, but only eight hours, and only a couple. Nevertheless, I'm definitely feeling less fried.

I'm very grateful to the entire SJ Games staff for taking care of business. Really, things are going very well. Games are going to print. Bobblehead packages are getting assembled. The building has only caught fire once while I was out, and it was a little fire.

I'm learning more about what has really been stressing me, and what hasn't. I'm also making progress on shifting my biorhythm back to something more normal and less vampiric. I'm not getting up in the morning EVERY morning yet . . . but getting there.

I played some games. I spent a few days in Houston, art-show and museum crawling with a friend. And I read all the way through Harry Potter.

At the moment, I'd like nothing more than to take another month or so. Not going to happen, I think. Munchkin Quest is calling me . . . so are some other projects. So fear not . . . I won't make you go cold turkey on new games.

Warehouse 13

Thank you, everyone who has forwarded us the article. You can stop now :-) If and when we can comment, we will. As always, fnord.
-- Steve Jackson

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