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October 29, 2015: Today Is Game Day!

Halloween Chibithulu Plush

One of the coolest parts of working at Steve Jackson Games has to be Game Day, our semi-annual opportunity to kick back, chill out, and play board and video games with our fellow co-workers and game fanatics. And we don't just play Munchkin either! We can bring any board or card game we like, or our personal laptops and play video games. Popular choices this year might include board games like Fireside Games' new release, The Village Crone, co-op video games like Borderlands 2, or open-world RPGs like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Why not have a mini-Game Day at your own house, right along with us? Not to mention, we will be playing Munchkin Panic with the creators and our guests, Anne-Marie and Justin DeWitt of Fireside Games. Be sure to tune in to #SJGamesLIVE! You can participate now by tweeting us a question or posting it on Facebook with #SJGamesLIVE and #MunchkinPanic. Our Community Manager, Rhea Friesen, will be taking your questions and interviewing the DeWitts. There will also be prizes -- don't miss it!

We probably won't be answering email messages or dealing with much work stuff today, but we promise to get back to you very soon.

Game Day is a great way to prepare for an awesome Halloween and we're ready . . . and so is our mascot for Game Day, Halloween Chibithulu Plush!

-- Anna Meade

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