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October 31, 2010: Happy Hallowe'en . . . Party!

Today's a great day.

First off, it's Hallowe'en, one of our favorite holidays. Costumes and candy go together like peanut butter and chocolate, which incidentally is one of my favorite types of candy.

Second, it's the Steve Jackson Games anniversary party. True, the exact date of the company's launch remains shrouded in temporal irregularities, but the 31st is as good a day as any to celebrate!

Third, it's the anniversary of Tribe's opening. Although they're one of Austin's newest game stores, they're the only one this far south in town so we tend to stop in fairly often. The fact that they're next to one of our favorite pizza places doesn't hurt, either.

Finally, today is the Munchkin Party Night for Tribe. One of their customers bought a copy of Munchkin's 19th printing, and entered their favorite retailer into our drawing, which they won . . . but that's kind of obvious, isn't it?

Stop by Tribe today from noon until 8pm for games, demos, snacks, and prizes!

-- Paul Chapman

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