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September 2, 2013: 366 Days Of Autoduelling Action

Uncle Albert's 2038 Calendar

Some retailers are already starting to get their 2014 calendars ready. However, we at e23 have those folks beat; we've got a brand new calendar for 2016. Mind you, it's a classic release, originally designed for 2038 . . . or, rather, 1988. Hmm; this might require some explanation.

Newly released to e23, Uncle Albert's 2038 Calendar was actually designed as a calendar for 1988. As it turns out, calendars from 1988 can be reused in 2016 (as various sites will tell you). So by downloading this item now, you'll be two years ahead of the game. However, this neat supplement can also be used as part of the Car Wars universe; each month includes new bits of historical insight (both in the Car Wars universe and our own more-or-less real world), plus new bits of Car Wars equipment each month you can add to your game, which only become official the first day of the month they were featured. (It's up you you to decide if that's new for 1988, new for 2016, or new for whenever you decide to use this item.)

Are you confused? We are! Fortunately, Uncle Albert is here to help. (And I'm sure he'd also point out that you'll be able to use this calendar again in 2044 . . .)

-- Steven Marsh

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