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September 8, 2016: This Booster Could Be Your Munchkin Deck's Crowning Glory

Munchkin Princesses

The princesses are back, and they're wearing pretty new dresses!

By which we mean, the Munchkin Princesses booster is back in print, and it's in new packaging! Which isn't quite the same as a new dress, but what's a pretty pretty booster pack to do?

You can buy the newly styled second run of this popular supplement in stores or on Warehouse 23 now. These 15 cards make any Munchkin game a royally good time, with monsters and treasure that any princess-fan will recognize.

For example, there's the Princess Class, which gets a "Self-Reliant" bonus for murdering monsters alone – you know, just like in all the fairy tales. There are also Glass Sneakers, a Genetically Modified Apple, and the Ugly Stepsister, to give a few more noble examples.

And since one of the class cards features a drawing of Spyke wearing a ball gown, with chest hair exposed by a low neckline, this booster is pretty much indispensable for any Munchkin fan.

So if you like fairy tales, making fun of fairy tales, chest hair, or wearing tiaras, this booster is for you! 

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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