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September 14, 2011: Lessons From The Top 40

Every month we get a "Top 40" report of the best sellers for the month and for the year to date. We see the top sellers both by item and by dollar amount. It's always interesting, especially when the news is good.

For August, our top seller was Munchkin Conan the Barbarian with 9,313 units sold (and over 13,000 already shipped). A nice number! Number 2, of course, was Munchkin. Number 3 was Munchkin Zombies 2 - Armed and Dangerous, number 4 was Munchkin Zombies itself, and number 5 was Zombie Dice.

That, right there, illustrates the two big trends of our spring and summer. First, Munchkin still rules. Second, zombies are very hot.

I guess that means we have to do another Munchkin Zombies supplement next year. I'm good with that!

-- Steve Jackson

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