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September 25, 2011: Axe Cop Takes Over A Shipping Vessel

Munchkin Axe Cop Munchkin Axe Cop is on the boat! We got word this morning that huge pallets of the latest Munchkin core set have been shipped our direction.

(Did you, like me, envision Axe Cop himself leaping onto a huge cargo ship, fighting wave after wave of bad guys as Wexter pushed the boat across the Pacific? That's a much cooler image than the reality: stacks of shipping containers sitting on the deck while the waves go up and down, up and down, up and down.)

There are a few Customs hoops to jump through once the games arrive, and the small matter of physically getting copies to each and every distributor around the world, but your friendly local game store will have access to them in early November. Don't worry -- you'll have plenty of time to snag a copy for your Thanksgiving post-turkey gaming!

-- Paul Chapman

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