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September 15, 2013: Where Old Games Go To Live

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Lenny pointed me toward this Escapist article, and boy, howdy! is this thing awesome! PlaGMaDA, which is perhaps the best acronym ever concieved by human beings, is a living archive of old RPG material. I'm not talking about actual published games here; those things are already out there. What PlaGMaDA (Play Generated Map and Document Archive, in case you were curious) seeks to do is compile as many play-generated artifacts (maps, character sheets, and so forth) from peoples' home games as possible, and to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. 

As someone who plays RPGs, I find this pretty awesome. I've got piles of old play documents in my closet at home and I've thrown away piles more to make room for . . . well, for other stuff that clutters my closet. I'm sure you're in a similar situation if you play RPGs at all. That there's a place to send these things, where they can live on as a record of games past, is amazing. Timothy Hutchings, the man behind PlaGMaDA (I dare you to say it without grinning) has done something really special here.

-- Brian Engard

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