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September 1, 2012:
With a great experience at Continuum under my belt, I felt a little more confident going into Congenial. It helped that it was held in my hometown! . . . read article

September 2, 2012:
As always at this time of year, we will be observing Labor Day tomorrow. Our office will be closed and no one will be answering phones or shipping orders . . . read article

September 3, 2012:
If you're wondering what the Romans have done for us -- besides sanitation, medicine, roads, public order, etc. -- then you need to check out GURPS Classic: Imperial Rome, newly released to e23. It provides extensive information on an amazing civilization, including its history, geography, people, locales, religion, and more . . . read article

September 4, 2012:
Hi! My name’s Bridget . . . read article

September 5, 2012:
You get a new printing! The 23rd fnord printing of Munchkin was 100,000 copies -- enough copies, we thought, to last well into 2013 at a level of sales slightly higher than we saw in 2011. "What brilliant planning!" we told ourselves. "What foresight!" Then Target picked up Munchkin, and Geek & Sundry posted the Munchkin TableTop episode, and [Andrew, we can't talk about that yet!!] . . . and it turns out that the 23rd printing miiiiiiight last us through the end of 2012 . . . read article

September 6, 2012:
Hello there! My name is Brandon McClelland and you may have noticed me taking care of some Ogre-related stuff in my new role as Ogre Correspondent, like answering such great questions as "How do I change my address?" and "Where the FN*RD is my name!?!??!" When not dealing with that, I provide internal tech support for our Austin team . . . read article

September 7, 2012:
Just a quick note to let you know that two new Munchkin plushies, the Duck of Doom and Duck of Gloom, are currently at print! The Duck of Doom comes with two brand-new fantasy Munchkin cards . . . read article

September 8, 2012:
Some of you might be curious about the process behind designing for Munchkin, so I thought I'd give you a little behind-the-scenes glance at some of our prep work. To help Steve get his brain in gear for Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks, we had to go back to the source -- the original trading cards from 1962 that started the whole craze . . . read article

September 9, 2012:
In case you didn't know, our licensees aren't limited to just printing translated versions of our products. They can also propose their own Munchkin-related products, and that occasionally results in unique, nifty stuff becoming available in non-U.S. markets . . . read article

September 10, 2012:
Are you tired of being on the road, and wish you had more central locales to shoot at your friends with vehicles while people pay to watch? If so, we recommend Car Wars Arena Book 1, newly released to e23 . . . read article

September 11, 2012:
W. Eric Martin spoke with our inestimable Phil Reed on behalf of BoardGameGeek at Gen Con this year. In the interview, Phil discusses some of the challenges of getting an ambitious project like Ogre to completion, and shows off some cool prototypes! . . . read article

September 12, 2012:
Jennifer Steen from the Jennisodes podcast dropped by our booth at Gen Con to pick up the latest gossip from the World of Munchkin. Andrew and I talk about our big Gen Con announcements -- Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks, Munchkin Pathfinder, and Chez Guild -- as well as other upcoming products like the Duck of Doom and Duck of Gloom . . . read article

September 13, 2012:
Hello world! I'm Alex Kosarek, the webmaster here at SJ Games . . . read article

September 14, 2012:
The Voyager 1 spacecraft, originally launched in 1977, is en route to accomplish an original feat -- it's going to be the first man-made object to leave our solar system. Currently, Voyager 1 is travelling through a plasma bubble at the fringes of interstellar space and will cross over at an undetermined amount of time in the future . . . read article

September 15, 2012:
Do you own a brick and mortar retail store? If you do then please mail us a few hundred copies of your store postcard or business card and we'll include your cards in appropriate* Warehouse 23 orders . . . read article

September 16, 2012:
Hi everyone, I'm the new Ogre Line Editor (read: dogsbody, aide-de-camp, and general lackey for all things Ogre). I started to help out in the wake of the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year -- the position literally exists because of your support! . . . read article

September 17, 2012:
No longer is the magical academy relegated to the backstory of your heroes; now it can be the focus of adventure! From the quill of William H . . . read article

September 18, 2012:
I've been using www.battlegrip.com as a way to unwind and play with toys for a few years now. I post reviews, news, and various thoughts on toys and the toy industry at the site almost daily . . . but now I'm looking to try something a little different. Transforming Collections is my personal Kickstarter project designed around introducing transforming robot fans to the various unofficial Transformers toys and accessories that are being released these days . . . read article

September 19, 2012:
Ahoy, mateys -- put down yer hornpipes and grog, hoist th' jib, and batten down th' hatches! Secure th' starboard cannons, load th' grape-shot, and prepare to broadside those lily-liver'd privateer lubbers . . . read article

September 20, 2012:
It is with a great deal of sadness that I, former Munchkin Hireling and current Warehouse 23 Customer Service Guru, say goodbye to Steve Jackson Games and all of you wonderful gamers and Warehouse 23 customers. I've enjoyed my two years here, demoing games, answering your emails, and chatting and gaming with y'all at PAX and Gen Con (we'll always have the capsule machine, Gen Con folks) . . . read article

September 21, 2012:
As we move close to the fourth quarter of the year (that magical time of the year when retailers start to show a profit) it's time to take a quick look at the status of several upcoming releases. Munchkin Penny Arcade - This was originally planned for a September release. Unfortunately, delays with a couple of other items that were sharing the container with Munchkin Penny Arcade held this booster at the factory . . . read article

September 22, 2012:
SPACE.com brings us news from the cosmos, as three of Earth's most powerful space telescopes spy on a superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud. A superbubble is a large cavity in space filled with gases that forms when stars go supernova -- basically, a Jerry Bruckheimer movie out in the void . . . read article

September 23, 2012:
With all the success of our Ogre Kickstarter, we think it's only fair to point out some other projects from time to time that we think are cool and worthy of your support. Our first Crowdfunding Focus is Cthulhu Playing Cards, from a company called Albino Dragon based right here in Austin . . . read article

September 24, 2012:
Since the dawn of human consciousness, "stealing that which doesn't belong to you" has been an effective path to personal prosperity. The latest installment of Pyramid looks at both sides of the thievery topic with Pyramid #3/47: The Rogue's Life . . . read article

September 25, 2012:
Attention Warehouse 23 shoppers! We are almost out of everyone's favorite tentacled titan -- the 20-inch-tall Mega-Chibithulhu plushie! . . . read article

September 26, 2012:
At Gen Con this year, I had the pleasure of using one of our custom dice tables, pictured here. These are fantastic for convention demos -- you can stay standing and thus engage passers-by more readily, and the recessed glass top holds a cool graphical insert and keeps dice and components from getting scattered when overly enthusiastic rollers (such as myself) go to town . . . read article

September 27, 2012:
Hello everyone! My name is Darryll, and I am going to attempt to fill the massive black hole left by our awesome departing Angie as Warehouse 23 Customer Support . . . read article

September 28, 2012:
Wanna show off your love of Munchkin? Can't wear a Munchkin shirt to work or school? . . . read article

September 29, 2012:
Continuing on the theme of elements from Star Trek seeming less far-fetched these days, a NASA scientist recently proposed that warp drive may be more plausible than previously thought. In 1994 Miguel Alcubierre presented a model for warp drive that was shaped like a flat ring and attached to a football-shaped craft . . . read article

September 30, 2012:
Hallowe'en is right around the corner. It is the night when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, the perfect time for Great Cthulhu to wreak insanity upon the masses . . . read article

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