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September 27, 2012: Meet The New Friendly CSR!

DarryllHello everyone!

My name is Darryll, and I am going to attempt to fill the massive black hole left by our awesome departing Angie as Warehouse 23 Customer Support. Much as Angie did, I'm here to make sure you guys are taken care of at every opportunity when you contact us for help.

Customer Service is something I thoroughly enjoy. I have spent many years handling a wide range of issues, as well as coaching and mentoring others on that same role. I feel that CS as a whole is a very important aspect to any business, and a great experience can really stick with people as memorable and remarkable.

About me: I've been working in the Customer Service industry for the last 9 or so years, holding personnel and project management roles throughout. I am a former supervisor at Blizzard Entertainment, having spent 7 great years with them on the World of Warcraft franchise. Previous to that I worked in retail as a Manager for Blockbuster Video, which was great for meeting people face to face and handling issues as they came up in a live environment.

I see myself as a pretty avid computer gamer, and you'll typically find me playing any number of new games, like my current Guild Wars 2. I am also a big fan of MOBAs, starting with the original DotA and AoS, transitioning to League of Legends and DotA 2. You will also find me playing World of Warcraft in a few weeks, and probably some Borderlands 2. I am also a huge technology buff, and I keep up with various blogs to stay on top of all the new gadgets that come out. I also am a big fan of Reddit, but not at work, I promise!

I am extremely excited to get into things and I plan to do my very best to carry on the support reputation that Angie has established. If you guys have any questions, I'll answer them as best as I can.


-- Darryll Silva

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