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September 21, 2006: Litheroy

Our newest SJ Games original supplement on e23 is Litheroy, an In Nomine Archangel writeup by Eric Burns. Those of you who are webcomic fans may know Eric better as the Websnark.

Litheroy has been up for several days now, and we are happy to note that it's the second-most-downloaded file of the last 30 days, and is currently tied for the second highest rating ever. (Yes, it has only a few ratings so far, and early ratings are always extreme . . . the first buyers usually either love something or hate it. But we're always happy when it turns out to be love.)

More In Nomine material, and more GURPS originals, will be appearing on e23. And we will continue to be happy about the way PDFs let us offer supplementary material that otherwise just wouldn't happen.
-- Steve Jackson

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