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September 25, 2005: Last Weather Report For A While

From around here, sighs of relief. Rita is now well past us and going in the other direction. The current forecast is for Rita not to stall anywhere at all, so there should no big inland flooding. Of course, a foot of rain at once, which is what some places are getting just as the remnants of Rita go over, is never a good thing, so there is SOME flooding. But it could be WAY worse. Furthermore, the areas it's passing over include some of the worst drought spots in the southern half of the country; they need rain, and many of the rivers are so far down that a mere foot of rain won't fill them up.

So I'll quit talking about the weather. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes.

And Saturday morning I finished the first draft of all the Illuminati expansion cards. They have an appropriate mix of alignments, but they still have the Power, Income, and Resistance that I intuitively gave them at creation . . . the next step is to compare them with the distribution in the original game and the Illuminati Y2K expansion and make sure that I haven't done violence to the game balance. Still on schedule for an unveiling at Linucon this weekend.
-- Steve Jackson

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