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September 28, 2018: Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter Closes Today!

Ogre fans, today is your last chance to join in on the Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter project. This latest release in the series brings new Ogre articles to the web, expanding the library of Ogre articles and scenarios already online. Check out last year's articles for free, and then join in on Ogrezine 2, where you can also find Ogre playmats as part of the rewards.

The playmats ship in December, meaning that many Ogre fans will have access to the classic Iron Mountain scenario map (currently in The Ogre Book, coming soon to Ogrezine) in a new, neoprene-backed fabric playmat, as well as the Ogre Playmat M1 that sold out earlier this year. 

Thank you for your continued support of Ogre. We plan to keep creating new Ogre material as long as you keep joining in and funding expansions to the game.

-- Phil Reed

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