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August 28, 2018: Go West, SJ Games . . . PAX West!

We're on our way to Seattle for PAX West, August 31 to September 3! We're taking over the gaming area on the second floor, behind the escalators, with a huge zone to play new and upcoming releases!


Get slap happy and lob some blobs with Super Kitty Bug Slap and Blob Lobber, light and fast dexterity games meant to test your reflexes! We'll have brand new Munchkin as well, with  Munchkin Crazy Cooks and Munchkin Starfinder ready to play, plus a super-special playtest of Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 with Guy Himber, at around 2 p.m. each day. Stop by to see if you are selected as a lucky participant! 

If you have been waiting for Illuminati Second Edition, with art by Lar DeSouza, you can play it at the convention. It's now in stores, so you can try it, then buy it! Not to mention all our classics, like Zombie Dice and a plethora of classic Munchkin editions. And don't miss out on the Munchcathlon! This event is always a good time, with tons of mixed-up Munchkin games, as well as some sweet loot for the winners. 

Of course, we'll have some sweet promos as well, so come see us at our gaming area at PAX West (second floor, right behind the escalators) to play some games and get free loot!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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