FATAL ATTRACTION - Change "Until it moves or is captured, no piece (belonging to either player)" to "Until it moves or is captured, no piece (except Kings) belonging to either player."

PASSING IN THE NIGHT - Change "Play this card before your move. This effect is added to your regular move." to "Play this card on your move, instead of making a regular move."

SPECIAL PROMOTION - Change "you may duplicate any transformed piece in play" to "you may duplicate any transformed piece (except a King) in play".

UNDER ELF HILL - If the King is unable to move upon his return (e.g., it's the only piece you have left) it's a "pass" turn. This prevents a player from using the card to end the game in a draw, but the game is still a stalemate if he cannot return at all.

UNBELIEVER - This should be a Transforming card. It should read: "Any one of your Pawns in play becomes an Unbeliever. Move it to any corner or its square. It can no longer move or be captured in a regular way (it does not occupy a square)." The last sentence should be: "Continuing Effect: Until the transformed Pawn is moved or taken by another card."

Conflicts (rules change) - When two cards appear to conflict, Continuing Effects take precedence. If both (or neither) are Continuing Effects, the last card played takes precedence.

Continuing Effects (rules addition) - If a Continuing Effect's initial conditions are no longer met, the Continuing Effect is suspended until the conditions are re-met.

Empty/Vacant Spaces (card clarification) - You cannot use Ghost Walk or Hurricane to move to a Seat of Power.