Second Edition Changes

Updated September 1997

The Second Edition of Knightmare Chess has a few changes to card text and other details, all of which are listed here. This list was painstakingly developed by Hunter Johnson. Changes to cards are listed in alphabetic order by card name. Only cards that have been changed are listed.

Changes To The Box:

  • "Second Edition" right above the title on the front.
  • Font changes on the front, sides, and back.
  • Text color change on the bottom.
  • Symbols on top replaced with "Make a move. Play a card. Chess will never be the same."
  • "Contains a complete set of 80" becomes "contains 80" on the back, "and rules." becomes "and complete rules."
  • Man of Straw sample card reflects new card (duh).
  • ISBN changed last three digits: 195 becomes 322
  • The King Icon behind Knightmare is gone.


Changes To The Rules Sheet:

  • Page enlarged to legal-sized sheet.
  • Card Icon Key dropped.


  • "Second Edition" right above the title.
  • "Published by Ludolelire" dropped.
  • Anthony Rezendes added to the Graphic design credit.
  • Second Edition production by Diana DeFrancesco, Anthony Rezendes and Monica Stephens.
  • Development coordinator: Hunter Johnson.
  • Hunter Johnson and Ian Schreider added to Playtesters credit
  • Copyright notice added.

Anatomy of a Card:

  • Blessing sample card reflects new card (duh).
  • "Card Name" and "Point Value" listed in different order.
  • "Affected Piece(s) (see key)" dropped.

Building a Deck:

  • First two paragraphs combined.
  • "Beside the point value indicates that the card can appear" becomes "beside the value indicates the that card is considered *unique*. Each unique card can appear".

Turn Sequence:

  • "You may never play more than one card on your move, or on your opponent's move." becomes "You may never play more than one card on your turn, or on your opponent's turn."
  • "Exception" and "continuing effect" no longer italicized in the fourth paragraph.

Continuing Effects:

  • "Continuing Effect" receives initial caps throughout.
  • New rule: If the initial conditions for a Continuing Effect are no longer met, the Continuing Effect is not discarded, but the effect is suspended until the initial conditions are once again met.
  • "Or use a sticky note" added to the suggestions for transformed pieces (Hi, Ed!).

The Checkmate Rule:

  • New rule: And you cannot use a before-move card to check the enemy King, and then "capture" it with your regular move. The King cannot be captured! However, you *could* use a before-move card (say, Disintegrate, to remove an obstructing pawn) and then make a regular move to checkmate the enemy King.
  • "However" becomes "Likewise" in the continuing-effect caveat.
  • "A player may" becomes "you may" in the last paragraph.
  • "If he *immediately, on the same turn,* plays" becomes "if *on the same turn* you play" in the last paragraph.


  • Last sentence becomes new paragraph: When two cards appear to conflict, Continuing Effects take precedence. If both, or neither, are Continuing Effects, the last card played takes precedence.

Special Pawn Rules (new section)

  • Any pawn in its owner's first or second rank may make a two-square "initial move," even if it has already moved. Any pawn making such a move may be captured *en passant*.
  • Pawns may promote only to Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop. They may not promote to new types of piece.
  • Pawns which reach the last rank by any means except a normal Pawn move do not promote unless the card specifically says they *do* promote, and may not promote to a piece which create an immediate checkmate. If your Pawn reaches the last rank on your *opponent's* move, via a card which allows promotion, it promotes immediately. In the case of simulataneous promotions by both players, the moving player must declare first.


  • Legal Move is dropped.
  • "Refers to the *loss*" becomes "refers to the *loss* or *removal*".
  • "Treat it as *captured." becomes "treat it as *captured* for all purposes."
  • "A captured piece" becomes "Captured pieces".
  • "by certain cards." becomes "by cards."
  • Move is redefined: The displacement of one piece from one square to another. This can be either a Regular Move, or a move specified by a regular card.
  • Piece is reworded: This term always includes pawns.
  • Regular Move is added: A move which is legal by the rules of chess, as modified by any continuing-effect cards in play.
  • Replace is reworded: Take a piece from play and put another piece in its place. If a card specifies that the replacement must be a captured piece, *dead* pieces cannot be used.
  • "Exchange the positions" becomes "Exchange positions"
  • Turn is added: The period of one player's action. This normally includes one Move and, optionally, the play or discard of one card. In addition, a card may also be played by the acting player's opponent, either during or immediately after the turn.


Common Deck:

  • "You may discard on you opponent's turn as well as your own." dropped as redundant.
  • "Opponent's" italicized.
  • "You may still discard on your own turn as well." added.
  • "If you use up all the cards, just reshuffle the discards." added.


  • "a bigger deck, or the stronger player a smaller deck, or both." becomes "more points to work with."

Wrap Up:

  • "and check out the Knightmare Chess mailing list -- join by sending e-mail to with the message subscribe knightmare-l" added.


General Changes to the Cards:

  • Card Name is in wider and brighter font.
  • Picture border is white on the inside.
  • Card Icons are dropped.
  • Effect is in black text on fade-to-white background.


  • Abduction: "you remove any of" becomes "you remove any one of"
  • Annexation: (1)
  • Assassin: (1)


  • Betrayal: (2)
  • Blessing: (1)
  • Bog: "Queen, Bishop or Rook" becomes "Rook, Bishop or Queen", (3)
  • Bombard: (1)
  • Breakthrough: (1)


  • Challenge: becomes unique
  • Chaos: (3)
  • Confabulation: "two of your pieces" becomes "two of your pieces (other than Kings)".
    • "new piece that can" becomes "new piece. It can".
    • "be affected by" becomes "is affected by".
    • "Confabulated Pawns cannot promote." added.
    • "Until the combined piece" becomes "Until the piece".
    • (1)
  • Curse: "Until the end of the game." becomes "Until the affected piece is captured."


  • Dark Mirror: (1)
  • Doomsayer: "When you play this card, your opponent had the option of naming a piece immediately." added.
  • Doppleganger: (1)
  • Dubbing: (1)
  • Dungeon: "except his King" becomes "except a King".


  • Earthquake: "Pawns in the new first and last ranks are affected as above." becomes "Pawns are affected as above."
  • Evangelists: (1)
  • Evil Eye: (1)


  • Fanatic: (1)
  • Fatal Attraction: "no piece (belonging to either player)" becomes "no piece of any color (except Kings)"
    • "is also trapped" becomes "becomes trapped".
  • Forced March: (1)
  • Fortification: "chessboard, in a straight" becomes "chessboard, between squares, in a straight".


  • Ghost Walk: (1)
  • Guardian: "it is the Pawn's first move" becomes "the Pawn is in the second rank", 1)


  • Hidden Passage: (1)
  • Hostage: "is taken." becomes "is captured."

I & K

  • Irresistible Force: both "next"s are italicized.
    • "is taken!" becomes "is captured!", (1)
  • Knightmare!: (3)


  • Long Jump: (1)
  • Lost Castle: (1)


  • Madman: "If the Pawn ends this move in the last rank, it is not promoted" is dropped, (1)
  • Man of Straw: (2)
  • Man-Trap: "When you play this card," is dropped.
    • "opposing" is italicized.
    • The second paragraph is joined with the first.
  • Masquerade: (1)

N & O

  • Neutrality: "any time it is moved" is italicized.
    • "Once captured, it regains its normal color." is dropped.
    • "lost." becomes "captured."
  • Onslaught: (1)


  • Pacifism: (2) "the end of the game." becomes "the affected piece is removed from the board."
  • Passing in the Night: both "two"s italicized.
    • "before your move. This effect is added to your regular move." becomes "on your move, instead of making a regular move." [Should have been "on your turn". Likely erratum.]
  • Peace Talks: "lose that piece." becomes "that piece is considered captured."
  • Plots Within Plots: "Within" gets initial cap in the title.
    • "moves" is italicized.
    • "the second card you play says" becomes "each of the cards says".


  • Resurrection: (1)
  • Revenge: "regarded as captured." becomes "captured."
  • Riposte: the second paragraph is joined with the first.


  • Sanctuary: (1)
  • Split Knight: (1)
  • Squaring the Circle: "A Pawn which reaches the last rank with this card is not promoted." is dropped, (1)


  • Think Again!: (2)
  • Toll: "it is considered captured." is dropped.
    • The second paragraph is joined with the first.
    • "his move is canceled." becomes "his turn is canceled."
    • (3)
  • Tournament: (1)

U, V, & W

  • Under Elf Hill: (1)
  • Vendetta: "cannot" is italicized.
  • Winged Victory: (1)

Card Change Notations Defined:

  1. "Play this card on your move" becomes "Play this card on your turn".
  2. "This effect is added to your regular move" is dropped.
  3. "immediately after your opponent's move." becomes "immediately after your opponent's turn."