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General Information

How To Reach Steve Jackson Games

Phone Number: 512-447-7866
General Email Address:
Postal Mailing Address:* PO Box 18957
Austin TX 78760
Shipping Address:*
3735 Promontory Point Drive
Austin, TX 78744
Product Ordering:Warehouse 23
* Please do NOT send U.S. mail to the shipping address, because it may never get here.

Follow Us

Basic Information

Retailer and Distributor Support

We have a whole mini-site for this now, with detailed product lists and information. Here's a taste:

Game Conventions

Online Support For Our Games

Submissions: Writing, Art, and Programming

If you are interested in submitting any kind of material to us, please read the approprate page(s) below. It can make the difference between Yes and No!

Gaming Resources

Our Website

Damaged or Incomplete Products

If you open one of our games and it's not complete, or if you get a book with missing pages, or if you encounter any similar printing or assembly problem with a new product, contact us at

Kickstarter Information

Random Cool Stuff

Steve Jackson Games
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