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Press Releases


April 3: Steve Jackson Games welcomes Meredith Placko as the new CEO!


March 13: Steve Jackson Games and Games Workshop announce Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar


August 16: The Fantasy Trip To Open To Creators in 2019 Via Limited Publishing License
August 2: Steve Jackson Games and Games Workshop announce Munchkin Warhammer 40,000
July 23: Gaming legend Steve Jackson is bringing back his first RPG, The Fantasy Trip, on Kickstarter
June 14: The Fantasy Trip is coming to Kickstarter in late July – back it to bring this classic introductory RPG back to tables everywhere!
May 3: Ultra PRO International to make Munchkin and Munchkin Collectible Card Game accessories
April 27: Steve Jackson to Attend Origins Game Fair 2018


November 14: Return to the battlefield with Ogre Miniatures Set 2
October 20: Steve Jackson Games and Paizo Inc. announce Munchkin Starfinder


November 4: New Munchkin-inspired game has a Wonderland theme, simpler rules, and less backstabbing – perfect for young kids
September 30: A is for Alphabet coloring book, B is for Books-A-Million exclusive
September 8: Run to your corner store for Walgreens-exclusive Munchkin Grimm Tidings
August 26: Artist Katie Cook imbues Munchkin Oz with her super-adorable fan vision of the Yellow Brick Road
August 5: Well-known comic artist draws limited-edition Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition to mark 15 years since first Munchkin game
July 22: Auroch / Steve Jackson Games Agree On Digital Ogre Release
July 14: It's No Trick: Ghosts Love Candy Really Is Coming, From Steve Jackson Games
July 11: The Caped Crusader defends Gotham City against crime and injustice!
June 23: The Greatest Story Ever (Re)Told!
June 14: Relive the End of the World!
May 18: Steve Jackson Games is looking for feedback from Munchkin players!


December 7: Two New Games Join the Munchkin Guest Artist Series!
November 23: Strange things are afoot in Bill and Ted's Excellent Boardgame, from Steve Jackson Games
November 20: Simon's Cat Card Game: Steve Jackson Games
November 5: Steve Jackson Games To Publish I Hate Zombies
October 7: Steve Jackson Games Announces Two More Munchkin Guest Artist Editions!
August 10: Steve Jackson Games Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Munchkin With Guest Artist Editions
August 7: Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe Party Turns Up the Steam
July 23: GURPS Traveller License Expires
July 22: Steve Jackson Games Goes Mainstream With Munchkin Hipsters
July 20: Steve Jackson Games Pulls Back The Curtain On New Target-Exclusive Munchkin Release
July 6: Steve Jackson Games Revives Zombie Dice Packaging
May 14: Topps and Steve Jackson Games Invade Earth with GURPS Mars Attacks
March 17: Ogre Climbs Hill 218: Steve Jackson Games Partners with The Battle for Hill 218 Creators for a New Ogre Game
February 25: Steve Jackson Games Gets a New Marketing Director


November 6: Munchkin Takes Manhattan: Steve Jackson Games Announces Pop-Up Store in New York City
November 4: Legendary Loot: Munchkin Legends Deluxe Comes to Barnes & Noble, Hobby Market to Follow
November 3: Play in Your Library! Steve Jackson Games Collaborates with the American Library Association for International Games Day
October 30: Celebrate With Muertoons Mix-Up!
October 10: Disgusting Fun: Garbage Pail Kids Games Coming from Steve Jackson Games
September 23: Kids Love Treasure! Announcing Munchkin Treasure Hunt
August 23: The Apocalypse Gets Judged! Announcing Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd
August 16: All You Need Is Loot: Announcing Munchkin Love Shark Baby
August 15: Munchkin Gets Gloomy: Announcing Munchkin Gloom
August 13: A Clockwork Core Set: Announcing Munchkin Steampunk
July 8: Munchkin for Xbox 360 Cancelled
June 15: Announcing Munchkin Smash Up
May 19: Announcing Munchkin Loot Letter
April 28: Brian Engard Promoted to Hipster Dice Line Editor
April 23: Scott Haring Returns to Car Wars
March 19: Fireside Games announces new title Munchkin Panic


August 19: Cartoon Network Enterprises, USAOPOLY and Steve Jackson Games Partner to Create Munchkin Adventure Time
June 25: Steve Jackson Games Acquires Haywire Group's Chupacabra: Survive the Night
June 19: Steve Jackson Games Announces Munchkin® Legends
June 4: Steve Jackson Games appoints Surge Licensing to represent its Munchkin® series for Merchandising and Entertainment projects
April 18: Official Munchkin® Companion coming from Smart Pop Books


August 16: Steve Jackson Games and Knights of Good Productions Announce Chez Guild
August 16: Steve Jackson Games and Paizo Publishing Announce Munchkin Pathfinder®
August 16: Mars Attacks Licensed for Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin Apocalypse
May 23: Steve Jackson Games Announces a Munchkin Booster for Hit Comic Penny Arcade!
May 17: Steve Jackson Games Tops Kickstarter's Crowdfunding Charts with Ogre Sixth Edition
May 3: Zombie Dice to Appear on Hit Geek and Sundry Show TableTop
February 9: Steve Jackson Games To Digitally Release Five Classic GURPS Conan Titles!


May 30: Steve Jackson Games Announces: Munchkin Conan the Barbarian!
April 26: Axe Cop Licensed for Steve Jackson's Munchkin game


May 14: Steve Jackson Games Gives Munchkin A Facelift


August 9: Warehouse 23 Adds Schlock Mercenary
March 22: Warehouse 23 Adds Queen of Wands
March 16: GURPS Fourth Edition To Release In August
February 4: Warehouse 23 Becomes Official Online Store For The CaBil


May 20: Warehouse 23 Becomes Official Online Sales HQ For Dork Storm Press
May 5: Steve Jackson Games Supports U.S. Troops With 5,000-Game Donation
March 6: Warehouse 23 Adds Citizen
February 12: Issaries makes distribution deal with Steve Jackson Games


August 5: Interstellar Wars: A New Direction For Traveller
July 12: Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin wins Origins Award
July 3: SJ Games Launches Online d20 Magazine - First Four Issues Free!
May 2: Warehouse 23 / Atlas press release
March 12: Car Wars Relaunch Sent To Printer, Due In Stores This Month
March 1: Hellboy RPG To Feature Original Hellboy Comic
January 30: Hellboy Roleplaying Book Coming In August


July 3: GURPS To Power New Prime Directive RPG
July 3: Deluxe Ogre, G.E.V. Honored For Excellence
June 29: Car Wars Comes Roaring Back!
June 28: Steve Jackson Games Adds Christopher Shy
May 25: Steve Jackson Games Jumps On The d20 Bandwagon, Sort Of
May 22: Pyramid Joins Forces With Guardians of Order, Grey Ghost for Playtesting
May 18: Steve Jackson Games Unveils GURPS WWII Line
May 15: Cartouche Press and Christopher Shy: SJ Games Breaks New Ground
May 9: SJ Games, Wingnut Join Forces To Produce Battle Cattle: The Card Game
May 8: SJ Games, Armorcast Cancel Ogre Deal
May 2: SJ Games Contributors Cambias, Walton, and Grant Honored


July 14: SJ Games To Offer Miniatures
July 3: SJ Games to Produce Miles Vorkosigan Gamebook
June 24: Steve Jackson Games, Electronic Arts, and FIRAXIS Games Announce GURPS Alpha Centauri

Steve Jackson Games
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