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Light Artillery Drones

Here is the current draft of the Light Artillery Drones rules.

Posted drafts are likely to flex a little bit as discussion continues on the Ogre forums.

Light Artillery Drone – Draft of 8-19-2016

The Light Artillery Drone (LAD) is worth 6 points. It has Attack 2, Range 8, Defense 1, and Movement 0. It is considered a Size 1 unit when set up. However, it can be broken down into a single cargo pallet for transport by a truck or hovertruck, and set up quickly. The sequence of it setting up is as follows:

  • Turn 1: Unloading. It is assumed the transport has its own unloading capability. All the transport needs to do is remain in one place for one turn. Place the LAD pallet in the same hex as the transport.
  • Turn 2: The LAD unpacks itself, sets itself up, and runs diagnostics. Replace the pallet counter with the regular LAD counter. It may be targeted, but may not attack. The unit that transported it may move away normally.
  • Turn 3: The LAD can fire.

A LAD cannot repack itself without help. It takes a squad of Combat Engineers three turns to re-palletize a LAD, and one further turn to load it onto a truck. Rarely is it worthwhile to move a LAD under combat conditions.

LADs still on a pallet can also be placed as part of a defensive setup. Small, stealthy, and powered down, they are very hard to detect. The defender will not detect a collapsed LAD until it starts to set up, or until one of his units moves into the hex of the LAD. The LAD player should note which hexes have a LAD emplaced within them, and should be prepared to show this notation when the defender enters the hex of the LAD. An overrun does not take place when a defender enters a hex with a collapsed LAD, as the LAD is not a functioning combat unit at that time. The unit entering the hex may still fire on the LAD pallet during its Fire Phase, if it so desires.

LADs still on a pallet may be attacked directly prior to setting up. A LAD on a pallet has a defense strength of 0; it is destroyed by any attack. Additionally, LADs on a pallet that are being transported suffer spillover attacks at defense strength 0 if the transport vehicle is attacked.

The LAD is considered a Size 1 unit when set up. When collapsed, it can ride a Size 1 truck or hovertruck as cargo. If a LAD must be moved to terrain that regular cargo haulers cannot reach, any infantry squad can move a LAD pallet one hex per turn. A LAD that is set up may not be moved.

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