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Play-by-Email support for Ogre

Ogre and G.E.V. are games ideally suited to play over email or IRC. In an effort to encourage more PBEM play, we've created this area. Right now it's just a baby, though we hope to expand it in the future.

If you've got a PBEM game or campaign running and you want to put up some pages here, you can! Just send those HTML or ASCII files on over to our webmaster, and he'll put them up.

Or, if you've found a web site that's relevant (dice rollers, map tools, etc.) send us the URL and we'll put a link to it here.

PBEM Resources

  • Todd Zircher has created a freeware map aid called V_MAP. V_MAP allows easy editing and creation of tilesets, but a basic G.E.V. and Shockwave tileset is already included, along with the G.E.V. map.
  • Shadow Island Games has another dice roller for you to use.
  • PBEM Magazine is a net-fanzine dedicated to PBEM wargaming.

Opponent Finders

Send us more links, more pages, more resources, and we'll post them . . .

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