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GEV Escort

by Steve Jackson


The GEVs swept across the battered plain, throttled down to less than half their maximum speed. In a few minutes they'd be free to push their engines to redline and begin their deadly dance with the enemy. The pilots were fine with that. Better to dance with the enemy than to stay too close to the partner they were escorting.

1.01 Overview. This scenario is a variant for the basic Mark III Attack and Mark V Attack scenarios, adding a few GEVs to the mix, but it will make much greater tactical demands on the players.

1.02 Necessary Materials. Only the Ogre Designer's Edition is required. This scenario can also be played with the Ogre 6th Edition set and sees print for the first time in that box.


2.01 Maps. This scenario uses the orange Ogre map.

2.01.1 Overlays. No overlays are required, but players may add or remove craters, or just move them around, to see the effect on play. Ridges may also be added or subtracted, but since they channel the movement of conventional armor and don't affect Ogres, their effect is always to help the Ogre side.

2.02 Combine Units. The Combine (red) forces are the attackers. They get one Ogre – either Mark III or Mark V – and four GEVs. The Ogre enters on the first turn at the south end of the map. The GEVs may enter on the first or any later turn on the south end of the map.

2.03 Paneuropean Units. The Paneuropean forces (blue) set up as per the Mark III Attack or Mark V Attack scenario, but with four extra armor units and six extra squads of infantry, all of which must be set up in the North Area of the board. The defender may also upgrade his CP to either a Mobile Command Post (D1) or a Hardened Command Post (D2).

2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise missiles are not allowed in this scenario.


3.1 Escape. The Ogre and its escorts may leave the map only at the south end.


4.01 Ending the Scenario. The game ends when all Combine units are destroyed or have left the map, or when all Paneuropean units are destroyed.

4.02 Objectives. The Combine goal is to destroy the CP; the defenders' goal is to protect it. A subsidiary goal in this scenario is to bring at least one GEV back so the mission will have a human hero rather than just human sacrifices.

4.03 Victory Levels.

  • All defending units destroyed, and the Ogre and at least one GEV escape: complete Ogre victory.
  • CP destroyed and Ogre escapes: Ogre victory, with extra honors if a GEV escapes too.
  • CP and Ogre both destroyed: marginal Ogre victory, whether or not any GEVs escape.
  • CP survives, Ogre escapes: marginal defense victory.
  • CP survives, all attackers destroyed: defense victory. CP and at least 30 points of attack strength (for a Mark III) or 40 points (for a Mark V) survive: complete defense victory.


5.1 More GEVs. Give the attacker two more GEVs, and give the defender three more armor units and three extra squads of infantry. At this point, the map begins to be crowded, but attrition will set in rapidly.

5.2 Alternate Armor. Try the scenario with armor units other than GEVs. They're likely to be less effective, because the speed of the GEVs is a perfect complement to the Ogre's high threat value and near-unstoppable mass. Boosting the number of non-GEV armor units will return the game to balance but yield slower play.


This scenario is more of a challenge for both players because of the high-mobility but fragile GEVs. They are not just a few extra attack points to be thrown away or traded for howitzers! The Ogre may turn out to be, not the main threat, but the cape of the matador, with the GEVs ready to deliver the killing stroke.

The defender should be left wondering whether his extra forces are enough compensation for the attacker's GEVs, while the attacker bites his nails as he tries to preserve his highly breakable hovercraft until an opening presents itself.

Please give this scenario a try, and give us your comments - on game balance, clarity of instructions, or whatever else you think of - on our forums. The thread for commenting on this scenario is here.

The Ogre Scenario Book 3 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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