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Online Games and Game Aids

Follow the links to pages with detailed information about each game.

UltraCorps UltraCorps was a classic game on Microsoft's Zone. It's now owned by Steve Jackson Games and is currently in free playtest.

UltraCorps is a turn-based massively multiplayer game of space exploration and combat. Starting with a single planet, you can expand your empire to dozens and even hundreds of worlds. But hundreds of other players are building their empires, too. The universe is so big that you'll never meet most of them except in the game forums . . . but you still compete against them for number of worlds conquered, total power of your fleets, and so on.

No time for a mega-game? You can play solo for practice, or create private games against 1 to 11 opponents.

See for more information.

Yes, we are working on more online game projects. No, we're not ready to say what they are . . . yet!

Frag Frag has come full-circle with this Flash game that's based on the boardgame that's based on first-person shooter videogames. Can you frag every enemy that pops up (but not your buddies!) before they frag you?

Play now at

Mobile Apps Mobile Apps: Smart phones are cool and we're going to build some apps for them. Our first ones are already available on the App Store. More are coming!

See for more information.

Over the years, we've created a variety of mini-games and code gadgets, either to support specific games or just for fun.

  • The Fnorder – Generate fnord messages, live from the Conspiracy.
  • Die Roller – Roll as many dice as you need, with as many sides per die as you want. We recommend 3d6.
  • SubGenius Ranter – Praise "Bob," and get your own rant!
  • Warehouse 23 Basement – Find out what's lurking in the basement beneath the secret facility. If you dare.

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