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Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100 – Cover

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Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100

GURPS Fourth Edition

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Written by Phil Masters * Edited by Nikola Vrtis
Illustrated by Eric Deschamps, Richard Taylor, and Wiley Wiggins

Transhuman Space Line Editor: Phil Masters

32 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 37-6716
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Make New Friends

In the future of Transhuman Space, no field has grown as much or had such a profound impact as biotechnology. The exploitation of new frontiers in space and underwater has pushed civilization's boundaries – but only because biotech has delivered improved humans capable of living there, not to mention bioroids and uplifted animals to do much of the work. And behind these visible innovations is a great deal of change, both scientific and social.

Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100 complements Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar, taking a closer look at the practical details behind upgrades, parahumans, uplifts, bioroids, and bioshells. It delivers setting information and game mechanics valuable to gamers interested in playing champions or enemies of the biotech revolution – friends or foes of the not-quite-human and nothing-like-human beings that now share the solar system. Contents include:

  • A review of Transhuman Space biotech from both scientific and social perspectives.
  • Notes on skills and abilities needed to create, identify, and even impersonate artificial life.
  • New looks at Legality Class and Social Stigma in a sprawling setting with endless societies, and at what "species" really means in game terms.
  • Stats for 11 uplifted or adapted animals, and seven bioroid animals.

Whether your goal is to design a custom pet, pick farmyard stock for your Mars colony, or track down rogue bioroids, Bio-Tech 2100 is here with the facts and figures!

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