Pyramid Chat 11/07/00: The Transhuman Space Team

coyote6 says, "As long as the log doesn't lag"

Philip_Reed says, "I don't notice any lag."

Ral say, "Log ON."

Ral say, "I've got a little."

azathoth says, "cool. here we go"

Kromm [to Kira]: There is 1-2 seconds of net.lag where I am.

JFZeigler says, "I suppose you're all wondering why we called you here tonight. . ."

Anthony ponders if the dead person will be elected senator

JWoodward says, "So, Doc, want to be ringmaster of this particular circus?"

Kira [to Ral]: thanks.

Kira steps into the elevator.

coyote6 makes himself comfortable.

Kromm says, "I will be the ringmaster, sure."

JFZeigler practices his leonine roar.

Kromm says, "Folks, welcome to the Nth GURPS TRANSHUMAN SPACE chat."

Tzeentch cheers

Ral say, "As long as I can be the walruss."

coyote6 applauds.

Kromm says, "I say Nth because there have been many others, formal and informal, since we first announced this."

TheParadoxDruid claps

Kromm says, "Please welcome . . .."

Kromm says, "David Pulver, the man who conceived of this series and who is writing the first volume: TS: The Deep Beyond."

azathoth says, "rah-rah-rah"

CraigR applauds Dave

Tzeentch throws confetti

Kromm says, "Jonathan Woodward, who is writing book number two: TS: In The Well."

Bob claps politely.

JWoodward waves cheerily.

CapnQ cheers.

TheParadoxDruid stamps his feet in appreciation

Tzeentch throws small Ogre miniatures

CraigR applauds Jonathan

jeff_wilson has disconnected.

Kromm says, "And Jon Zeigler, who is writing the third book: TS: The Fifth Wave."

jeff_wilson has connected.

JFZeigler bows.

Kromm says, "Alphabetical order is purely accidental."

CraigR applauds Jon

azathoth says, "hip-hip-hooray"

The crowd goes wild!

Tzeentch fears a book named like a Sci Fi channel show

dlpulver Not to be confused with the fifth book, the third wave

CraigR applauds Kromm. :)

dlpulver waves

JWoodward says, "Thank gawd I'm not last in the alphabet this time."

JFZeigler is used to it.

Kromm says, "I am Sean 'Dr. Kromm' Punch, the ringmaster of GURPS and nominal control freak for the TS line until we hire a real control freak."

Tzeentch cheers

azathoth says, "wahoo!"

coyote6 says, "It's going to get its own control freak?"

JWoodward applauds the nefarious Dr. Kromm.

Kromm says, "And the four of us are here to answer your questions about TS, report on project status, lie, and take your money for snake oil."

CraigR backflips around the room for a bit, then settle down to listen.

TheParadoxDruid says, " TS needs a new control freak?"

Ambient energy coalesces into the form of Dataweaver.

Kira steps out of the elevator.

Kromm says, "TS will have a projected 6 books in the first series, with the option for TRAVELLER-level goodness if the first 6 sell. If that comes to pass, then yes, the series will need a line editor."

coyote6 says, "Sweet!""

CraigR says, "Woohoo!"

Tzeentch says, "Sweet."

azathoth says, "now we do the dance of joy . . ."

Kromm says, "I already have my own B-52 to pilot."

Rob [to Kromm]: Will it get its own online mag, too? :)

CraigR refrains from more backflips

Tzeentch says, "And when is the first book scheduled to attack stores around the nation?"

Tzeentch says, "As in, a realistic date ;)"

coyote6 says, "The Big Question: When? When will the first book be out- nay, more importantly to Pyramid subscribers, when will it be ready to be devoured by playtesters?"

thrash concludes the truth of his own existance, and appears.

Kira steps into the elevator.

Kromm says, "The first book will be out approximately 6 months after David submits his first draft."

dlpulver says, "Mostly, things are backed up as I struggle to find time to finish TS space..."

Dagnabbit has connected.

dlpulver says, "JWoodward is done or nearly so on his book, and JZeigler is part way along"

Philip_Reed says, "But the art and series graphic design are progressing nicely."

Kromm says, "So call it late spring to summer 2001, with luck. The unannounced date you cannot hold us to is in July."

dlpulver says, "Yep... at the moment, we're arguing about how sleek the spacesuits should be "

JWoodward says, "I've turned in the first draft, which is a nearly-complete manuscript."

Kromm says, "Just in time for summer cons. What a coincidence."

Tzeentch says, "What style of art will the books use. Standard Smif work?"

dlpulver says, "No Smif"

JWoodward says, "I'm currently working on the map sketches."

JFZeigler says, "I'm only maybe 15% done, but then my deadline isn't until 1 March."

coyote6 says, "That is actually kind of cool -- the first wave can be ready to go more-or-less at the same time"

Rob says, "I thought Smif didn't do SJG any more...."

Philip_Reed says, "Currently Christopher Shy is handling the concept are for the series and will be the cover artist on all 6 books."

coyote6 woo-hoos

JFZeigler thinks the concept art looks very promising.

CapnQ says, "Smif still appears in Pyramid articles."

TheParadoxDruid wonders when the talk will turn to the McGuffin of all McGuffins, the mini black holes

dlpulver says, "It's one of the few books where the authors, art director and artists are actually talking (:"

coyote6 says, "heh"

JFZeigler waves his singularity projector at the Druid.

Kromm says, "This line is actually planned."

dlpulver says, "We'll wait for that to suck people below the event h orizon"

TheParadoxDruid says, " where can we find this concept art?"

Tzeentch throws tomatoes at ThatParadoxDruid

JWoodward says, "Philip, could you post Shy's wegpage URL for the crowd?"

dlpulver says, "In the books..."

Philip_Reed says, ""

TheParadoxDruid backs into a corner

Dan1 has reconnected.

CraigR [to CapnQ]: Pyramid uses Smif art that SJG already owns.

Philip_Reed says, "He's just completed a series of covers for next summer when another big event will take place."

Kromm says, "We have a line plan with 6 books, three authors at work, one more book about to start, the art underway, and the web pages in the planning stages. All coordinated by secret mailing list."

Tzeentch says, "Sounds like a conspiracy..."

JWoodward . o O ( "Wegpage", sheesh. )

Ragnar has connected.

Kromm [to Tzeentch]: Yes.

JFZeigler . o O ( Except that you all know about it. Oooops. . . )

Philip_Reed says, "TS will be the slickest, flashiest GURPS series ever!"

JWoodward says, "This is SJGames. It's _all_ a conspiracy."

CapnQ [to CraigR]: Ah, I suspected that. Tahnks.

Ral [to Philip_Reed]: Sexiest too?

Philip_Reed says, "Certainly."

Ral pronks.

JFZeigler looks around for the Eros-series bioroids.

Kromm says, "Phil has some wonderful cover designs, logos, and so forth lined up. I think people will like them."

Philip_Reed says, "But more importantly, after people finish drooling over the books, they'll be a great read!"

Kromm says, "Okay, so there is the overview."

Kromm says, "I would love to give each writer a few lines to hawk his book."

TheParadoxDruid says, " Will this series have the possibility of color interior art? I know it's not SJ standard, but this IS a slick project.. and I'd pay it"

JWoodward says, "Philip has learned that flattering the authors makes them more amenable to his schemes."

Dan1 says, "when does it hit playtest"

Kromm says, "We'll go in order: DP, JW, and JZ. I won't prompt you -- just blab and pimp away."

JWoodward says, "Roger wilco, Doc."

Philip_Reed says, "I'm not able to discuss interiors at this time. Wink."

dlpulver says, "Well, I've already discussed the outlines earlier..."

JFZeigler orders a beer. Oh, wait, this isn't Brubek's.

dlpulver says, "Suffice to say, Deep Beyond contains two different things."

Kromm [to Dan1]: With luck, December 2000-January 2001.

dlpulver says, "One is some core rules -- t hings like character creation guidelines for transhuman characters and a set of spacecraft design/combat rules."

Anthony grumbles at YASDS

dlpulver says, "As well as some equipment. The other is the background on the asteroid belt and the jupiter and saturn communities"

Tzeentch says, "I take it the spacecraft construction system is another variation of the Space3e rules?"

Kromm says, "And we're giving David 176 pages, so this will be a serious core book, not a brief glimpse at the setting."

dlpulver says, "There's a lot of conflict going on in the belt between different factions and I hope that will be interesting..."

dlpulver says, "Spacecraft is basd on Space3e."

coyote6 says, "Conflict good! For RPGs at least..."

azathoth says, "wow, pretty hefty. lot's of room to play in"

Dataweaver . o O ( space is relative... )

dlpulver says, "There's three different conflicts going on in the belt: one is between China/Britain and the so-called Trojan Mafia..."

dlpulver says, "One is between two corporations, and is sort of a labor dispute involving xoxes and AIs..."

Kromm [to azathoth]: The other books will be 144 pages, in the tradition of TRAVELLER support.

azathoth says, "xoxes?"

dlpulver says, "And the third is strategic rivalry between the various great powers"

JWoodward says, "Gesundheit."

coyote6 says, "Still beefier than the 128 page 'standard'"

dlpulver says, "Multiple personalities..."

TheParadoxDruid says, " sorry to interrupt, but you just intrigued me.. what AIs? will there be lots or a few?"

Anthony . o O ( 144 pages is sorta becoming standard )

dlpulver says, "Lots"

Tzeentch says, "What do you mean multiple personalities?"

Rob says, "What gimpses can you give us at the character creation rules?"

dlpulver says, "Digital ghosts who have been replicated"

Kromm . o O ( Gimpses? Gimp? )

Anthony . o O ( perhaps doing something useful like ignoring point costs for cybernetics and the like? ;0 )

Rob says, "Gimp, Glimpse, whatever."

Rob says, "Gimp is a fun program, though, I should mention."

dlpulver says, "Well, the rules are basically GURPS, of course, but they include more material on playing robots designed as characters, rather than machines. Also some guidelines on playing characters with very mutable point totals. Finally, they are the usual biomodified entities... which is just about everyone."

Kromm [to Anthony]: Characters will cost what they cost. While cybernetics, etc., will raise point cost, point budgets per se will not play a role in TS.

coyote6 does the Snoopy dance.

Anthony hms.

Tzeentch says, "Cybernetics will still use the existing rules?"

dlpulver says, "They track point costs but only as a purpose of starting balance for characters. "

Kromm says, "What David said."

Anthony hms some more.

CraigR pulls out a miniature piano and start playing, to support mentioned Snoopy dance.

dlpulver says, "Well, very little in the way of conventional cybernetics exists."

Anthony suspects it would balance better to not keep track of point budgets for a lot of starting gear.

Rob says, "In other words, you can get biomods and cybernetics and expensive things without having to take out a loan on your next 4 years (real time, not game time) of character points?"

Kromm [to Rob]: Yes.

JWoodward says, "Why use hardware when you can use wetware?"

Tzeentch says, "Will the cybernetics be rationalized with Robots and Vehicles?"

dlpulver says, "No."

Anthony snorts.

Anthony tries to design a cybereye, and fails miserably. Go broken sensor rules ;)

dlpulver says, "As I said, cybernetics in the cyberwear sense plays a very small role in it."

coyote6 says, "Implant computers?"

Kromm says, "But you can have a squiddy tentacle easily enough ;-)"

dlpulver says, "Biotech is more the way things are going. The same is true of the robots -- they are actually primarily designed through Compendium I."

Dataweaver says, "will robot character design be excerpted from Robots, or derived from it? "

Kromm [to coyote6]: Ubiquitous small computers: in toothbrushes, tokens, and yes, skulls.

TheParadoxDruid says, " how are you doing that? throwing out G Robots?"

CapnQ says, "Is it really necessary that they be rationalized? I've never understood why people feel compelled to retrofit old characters/designs to new rules. If it worked before, just use it. "

Dataweaver says, "I see."

Tzeentch says, "Building them as essentially alien races I assume?"

TheParadoxDruid is too lazy to write out GURPS, it seems

dlpulver says, "Not exactly. The robots in Transhuman Space represent a different line of development, from the microbots and which will ultimately -- but has not yet -- end with the nanomorphs."

azathoth says, "but cyber can do things that biotech can't, and vice versa"

TheParadoxDruid says, " I like that.. Anything working to Nanotech"

Anthony assumes that industrial nanotech is probably in use.

Kromm says, "Robots are, to be blunt, hell to build quickly for newbies. Newbie players should be able to have robot characters. Ergo, robots will be built using character abilities."

dlpulver says, "Systems like the Nanodynamics Bushmaster would be very hard to do with Robots... it's a bushbot with a distributed brain running through its body, for example."

Dataweaver says, "Likewise, cybertech will be based off of CI instead of the Ultra-Tech series?"

CraigR still thinks people should be able to design robots on computer, and then "3D print" them. :)

coyote6 . o O ( Probably a Very Good Idea, all things considered. )

Tzeentch says, "Bushbot?"

Tzeentch says, "As in shrubbery?"

Anthony [to CraigR]: probably will be ;)

Ragnar says, "The added advantage to all this is that people new to the GURPS system don't have to buy a dozen books to play TS."

dlpulver says, "As I said, there is very little interest in cybernetics. Mostly bioware ala biotech and numerous brain implants grown by nanotechnology."

TheParadoxDruid agrees that the Robot creation rules can scare off even non-newbies

Ral . o O ( Robodendron? )

Rob says, "I'm a little curious about the world. How does space travel work? How expensive, i.e. do commoners do it, or only corps and rich folks; how fast? Accelerations at 1G, or do you have to muck about with gravitational boots and transfer oribts, etc."

dlpulver says, "If people want serious lifting, they either wear a robot or order one around."

coyote6 threatens Ral with the wrath of SMARSH.

JWoodward says, "The G/Vehicles rules can scare _me_, and I'm a pro..."

Kromm says, "It would be anti-transhuman in philosophy to use different systems for meat, silicon, and data patterns. The idea is that they merge. A basic tenet of TS is to write the rules so that they support the feel of a transhuman setting rather than seeming generic (a common complaint with GURPS)."

TheParadoxDruid ohs and ahs at Kromm's logic

CraigR nods. "Cool."

dlpulver says, "Space travel uses fusion rockets, based on the TL9 optimized fusion engine from GURPS Vehicles. The standard ship can accelerate at about 0.005 G for about 3 months. It takes a few months to cross the system, a few weeks to get around the inner system, a few hours to zip around between moon systems."

Dataweaver says, "So software entities use the same rules as humans? "

CapnQ senses Ral's thought and starts giggling uncontrollably.

dlpulver says, "Ships are quite expensive... many millions of dollars. Individuals are quite rich: 100 x starting wealth in many cases."

Anthony [to dlpulver]: that sounds like TL 10

azathoth says, "hey, when did nuclear-pulse drives get tossed?"

dlpulver says, "Well, whatever... it's a TL11 version of a TL9 drive."

Kromm [to Dataweaver]: David has already shown me the 'racial templates' for AI, which is as much software as hardware.

Rob [to dlpulver]: Cool. Small ships, so that individuals can go zipping about moon systems?

Anthony . o O ( for that matter, it beats TL 10 stats. )

Dataweaver . o O ( starting wealth = what? )

TheParadoxDruid says, " are there rules for Software characters?"

dlpulver says, "The last nuclear pulse drives are still in service, including on things like the obsolete shepard class Deep Space Operations Vehicle, which is a good buy if you want want."

dlpulver says, "They mostly vanished around 2075."

Kromm [to TheParadoxDruid]: Not pure software, no, but for AI, which is really neither hard nor soft.

Rob says, "How much interstellar travel has there been? Robots only? Much at all?"

azathoth says, "but aren't the pulse-drives faster?"

dlpulver says, "What beats TL10?"

Tzeentch says, "Are the "decking/hacking" rules using the base Compendium rules as well?"

Anthony says, "0.005 Gs"

Dataweaver says, "ParadoxDruid see Astral Entity in CI. "

dlpulver says, "Sure, but you can only cruise for about 3 hours..."

Kromm [to TheParadoxDruid]: And David is working out rules for uploading consciousness. And of course memes and other 'neural software' will be covered in the game.

azathoth says, "ah. okay."

dlpulver says, "Not really. It's actually a variable drive: you get 0.005 by pumping more hydrogen into the exhaust, cooling it... you can switch to a much higher specific impulse and get a duration of several months... but that is a bit slower."

Tzeentch says, "So "ghosthacking" will essentially exist?"

Kromm [to Tzeentch]: This setting will be somewhat anti-cyberpunk, so classic 'decking' is out.

dlpulver says, "Standard drive is about ISP 20,000... but it can go higher"

Anthony says, "ah, not the Isp 1.6 million optimized fusion rockets in vehicles ;)"

TheParadoxDruid is overwhelmingly happy

Tzeentch says, "[To Kromm]: Not a big loss ;)~"

Ragnar says, "Is there any other game remotely similar to TS on the market? What is our competition?"

JFZeigler says, "Much of the really out-there computer stuff will be in FIFTH WAVE, since the Earth Web is orders of magnitude more complex than anything else in the solar system."

Kromm [to Tzeentch]: Most hacking will be social engineering + bugging/surveillance + predictive memetic algorithms and AI.

Anthony [to JFZeigler]: what about black-hole computers? ;)

azathoth says, "Possibly Blue Planet, although it's more dystopian"

Kromm says, "Blue Planet comes closest, I would say."

JWoodward says, "Jovian Chronicles has some similar elements, but not many."

dlpulver says, "Basically, the uploading rules -- I just finished them -- are a variant of the ones in BioTech. It's actually not too hard to upload, butyou can only get a good copy by destroying the brain through invasive "brainpeeling" techniques. Downloading back to meat is much harder: you can't just do the old blank mind clone, you have to rebuild a custom brain... if you want a perfect copy."

Bob bops Anthony with a black hole foam fan finger.

Kromm says, "But it is still essentially cyberpunk in bent and not essentially transhuman."

dlpulver says, "Black hole computers are being worked on. "

dlpulver says, "There are a few online games with transhuman premises, or so I've been told, but nothing commercial yet..."

JWoodward says, "(By "it" Kromm meant Blue Planet, for those confused like I was.)"

Tzeentch says, "And can these uploaded personalities be "edited"?"

Rob says, "The faithful here are obviously nuts about the concept; what are the estimates as to how well it will be received by the greater gaming public? Obviously, you believe it to be viable, but how "risky" a venture is this being seen as?"

dlpulver says, "Centauri Knights from GOO is transhuman... sort of."

coyote6 . o O ( In the setting, or by the authors? )

azathoth says, "Blue Planet too poor (in terms of natural and human resources) to achieve transhuman levels."

Rob would love to work on black hole computers. Might make some of his jobs run a lot faster.

Rob says, "Of course, getting the information out at the end is tricky..."

Bob [to dlpulver]: Way to sneak the plug! How long 'til Centauri Knights?

Kromm [to Rob]: Per our Marketing Director, distributors and retailers are itching for this stuff. That is a VERY good sign.

coyote6 has reconnected.

Philip_Reed says, "500 meg Photoshop files would be easier."

JFZeigler [to Rob]: And it would give the phrase "core dump" a whole new meaning.

Rob [to Kromm]: Cool.

Kromm [to Philip_Reed]: LOL!!!

CapnQ . o O ( The ultimate bit bucket... )

dlpulver says, "About 2 months. It's about human contact with the remains of a civilization similar to Transhuman Space but more advanced. Maybe I'll do a chat on it in a couple of months."

Kromm says, "Let's give Jonathan Woodward a few lines to pimp In The Well :-)"

coyote6 quietly berates lag.

Rob [to Ral]: Did you heart hat?

Bob [to dlpulver]: Thank 'ee!

JWoodward says, "Am I up?"

bigjon says, "ROFL"

Ral [to Bob]: Roger that SRGuru.

JWoodward says, "We should get back to David later, as he certainly has the most to say about his baby."

Dan1 says, "what's life expectancy like? does biological immortality exist? how old is the oldest person"

Kromm says, "Oh, yeah."

Kromm says, "I just want the people who only have an hour to get their money's worth :-)|"

Anthony suspects its at the 'emortality' level.

Ral avoids any Dick Clark jokes.

JWoodward says, "Okay, I'm the author on GURPS Transhuman Space: In The Well..."

JFZeigler points at Anthony and nods.

JWoodward says, "...currently scheduled to be the second book in the line."

JWoodward says, "Because David is a much busier camper than I am, my book is a touch further along, as I reported earlier."

JWoodward says, "I have the table of contents open in another window. Doc, shall I rattle off the chapter names, and give the group a precis on what's in each chapter?"

Kromm says, "Sure thing."

Kromm says, "It is not a trade secret :-)"

JWoodward says, "The overview is that this book is on the Inner Solar System, excluding Earth/Luna."

Rob . o O ( THAT well... )

JWoodward says, "This means Mars, Mercury, Venus, and assorted miscellany."

Anthony . o O ( various rocks. )

JWoodward says, "The focus is on Mars, as it's by far the most interesting planet."

CraigR points at Rob. "I'm assorted, and this is miscellany." :)

Tzeentch says, "Any faces on Mars? :)"

Anthony says, "how close have humans come to the sun?"

JWoodward says, "Chapter 00 is, of course, the introduction. The vignette includes the first words spoken on Mars. (Not "One small step...")"

coyote6 says, "No, no one on Mars has a face."

dlpulver says, "Whoops, I slipped! "

Bob says, "'Thank God We Made It!'"

dlpulver says, "Take that, Yankee!"

JWoodward says, "Tzeentch, I was going to include a sidebar on the face, but decided against it."

azathoth says, "What then: 'Oh, it's all sticky!'"

dlpulver says, "I tripped over a robot..."

JWoodward says, "We know it doesn't exist today, so they definitely know it doesn't exist in 2100."

coyote6 says, "Hey, where are the big four armed green guys and the hot chicks?"

Tzeentch says, "It's full of stars!""

bigjon says, "Who left this here?"

Anthony says, "bah. There should be a society which is busy 'improving' the face so it really looks like one."

Bob suspects we could go on and on.

coyote6 suspects we will.

Tzeentch says, "I agree with Anthony on that one. Its a part of urban myth now."

JWoodward says, "Chapter 01 is the History, covering Martian history from 2010 or so to 2100..."

dlpulver says, "Although there are Face of God cultists in the belt..."

Anthony says, "rather, they're busy fixing the effects of untrammeled erosion, which is why the face isn't normally visible ;)"

Rob says, "On mars in 2010, eh? I bet that's optimistic...."

JWoodward says, "...though things don't really get rolling until the first landing in 2038."

Rob says, "Oh!"

CraigR grins

Anthony says, "stuff on mars in 2010 isn't too optimistic ;)"

Rob says, "Stuff is already on Mars."

Dan1 has reconnected.

azathoth says, "there just won't be a lot of it"

Ragnar says, "Heck, a space station in 2010 is optimistic . . ."

Ral [to Rob]: In 2010 all that happens is someone notices some puffs of gas from the surface. ;-)

Rob says, "A few probes which returned data, and probably the wrecks of a whole lot of other probes...."

JWoodward says, "It's a big chapter, covering conflicts, plagues, massive terraforming, and a population boom or two."

dlpulver says, "Are you using timeline or narrative format?"

Rob says, "What's the capsule description of how terraforming works? Drop iceballs on the planet, or some sort of bioengineered bacteria thingy?"

Tzeentch says, "What is the reason given for terraforming Mars?"

Kromm [to Tzeentch]: It's there.

Bob [to Ral]: Behave, Professor Peterson.

CapnQ says, "In GURPS Terradyne, IIRC Cydonia was under the terraformed Martian ocean."

JWoodward says, "Timeline in the sidebar, chronological narrative in the maintext, as for G/Ogre."

Anthony [to dlpulver]: will the terrestrial planet imager have been completed by 2100?

dlpulver says, "Yes"

dlpulver says, "By 2011, I think..."

Anthony says, "that's TPF"

Anthony says, "TPI is supposed to generate maps down to continent-scale ;)"

JWoodward says, "People terraformed Mars because they wanted to. It was [ahem] a little controversial."

Tzeentch says, "Seems like a big leap without some unobtanium deposits or something a la Total Recall."

Philip_Reed says, "We're working on it. That certain BLANK small book size may be the first to use the design."

JWoodward says, "The quick-n-dirty explanation of terraforming: Warm Mars up just a little, and it kicks over into a different mode, and gets a _lot_ warmer as the caps melt."

azathoth says, "Think aesthetic terraforming, ala Schismatrix."

jeff_wilson says, "continent-scale maps for mars? er, don't we have better than that now?"

Rob says, "I can imagine that it was controversial! Doubtless any such effort will garner huge protest from some environmental groups...."

Anthony says, "no, continent-scale maps of planets 50 lightyears away"

Tzeentch says, "Heck look of the protests about returning martial soil samples..."

Kromm says, "Okay, let's let Jonathan talk :-)"

JWoodward says, "Chapter 02 is Areography, a gazetteer of Mars."

Kromm says, "I still want to give Jon Z. his turn :-) :-)"

JWoodward says, "It includes details on the Marineris Sea and other goodies."

JWoodward says, "I'll finish the table of contents now, and take questions after Jon Z. has his turn."

JWoodward says, "Chapter 03 is Environment, covering the environment of Mars, its hazards, and rules for inflicting them on your PCs."

JFZeigler smiles and sips his virtual beer.

JWoodward says, "Chapter 04 is Organizations. Another big one."

CapnQ says, "Anybody remember the SF short story 'Genius, Sunshine, and Rust?' IIRC the main character thought she could terraform Mars with replicating nanobots REALLY quickly. "

JWoodward says, "It covers the national presences, like Rust China, America/Mars, the Saduis, the Peruvians, etc."

Philip_Reed says, "Just Martian organizations?"

Kromm says, "We are putting a LOT of thought into organizations in this series, FYI."

JWoodward says, "Then there are the corporations, the criminals, the rebels, the religions, the modes of thought, memes, etc."

dlpulver says, "They didn't have replicating nanobots in 2050, though..."

Kromm says, "Each book will contain a whole chapter full of them, minimum."

Tzeentch says, "Rust china? Odd name"

jeff_wilson says, "did you say Peruvians? As in south america?"

Anthony says, "well, they probably do, they just call them 'bacteria'"

JWoodward says, "Chapter 05 is Mercury's chapter. Mercury is home to mining and power generation."

Dataweaver [to dlpulver]: could we get a chapter listing of Deep Beyond once the others finish?

dlpulver says, "Which is what they used, but the Ares Plague was not quite the same thing..."

JWoodward says, "It's nowhere near as colonized as Mars, but the intrigue and national backbiting is thick on the ground."

Ragnar says, "How similar is Mercury to what's depicted in Clarke's "Rendezvous with Rama?""

Anthony . o O ( didn't clark think mercury was tidelocked? )

JackShadow disappears in a puff of logic...

JWoodward says, "Chapter 06 is Venus. Even less populated than Mercury, but people are starting to get interested in the idea of terraforming it, and no one wants to be left standing when the music stops."

JWoodward says, "It's also a good place to hide things..."

Dataweaver says, "the hellworld has people on it? Wow..."

Anthony . o O ( how does one terraform venus? Find an ice moon and throw it at the world and wait 100,000 years? )

CraigR wonders if there's a feasible way to *move* Venus...

Rob [to CraigR]: Bring another star by....

coyote6 suggests a gigantic vacuum cleaner. Suck up all that excess atmosphere. ;)

Tzeentch says, "Just strap rockets on it like in the cartoons. VROOM!"

JWoodward says, "Chapter 07 is the "Assorted Miscellany" referred to earlier. Inner System asteroids and space stations, including the First Church of Sol Station, and other goodies."

Dataweaver [to Anthony]: remove greenhouse gasses from atmosphere via terran bicrobes.

Ragnar . o O ( It would be cool if the Venusians had Victorian Steampunk . . . )

JWoodward says, "Chapter 08 is Characters. Another mammoth chapter."

Anthony [to CraigR]: you could probably made something temporarily habitable with a few million cubic kilometers of ice

JWoodward says, "About a zillion biomods, bioroid templates, genetic upgrades, etc."

Kromm says, "Characters chapers will be another Big Deal in TS books, since the setting is inherently character-centric."

Anthony [to Dataweaver]: problem with venus is it doesn't have any hydrogen or water, not the greenhouse gases

JWoodward says, "No character templates, but a return to the old-style character types descriptions..."

thrash begins to doubt his existance again, and

JWoodward says, "...including Hsieh mercenaries, Recurvers, and Terraformers."

Ragnar says, "Woo-hoo! I love the character types! (not templates)"

coyote6 says, "Why the move away from templates?"

Kromm [to coyote6]: Space.

Dataweaver [to Anthony]: still, step 1 == cool down climate.

coyote6 [to Kromm]: Gotcha

Anthony [to Dataweaver]: step 1 is water. Can't do anything without water.

CraigR [to Kromm]: For a second there I thought you meant GURPS Space. ;)

JWoodward says, "Chapter 08 is Hardware. Some personal gear, and land/sea/air vehicles."

Kromm [to coyote6]: There will be plenty of 'racial' templates and cool mods, but with all that in the 'Characters' chapter, character templates would push it to the limit and then some.

Dataweaver tables conversation with Anthony

Anthony nods.

Rob says, "Character descriptions are good -- more meat per page when done well."

Anthony has to leave and vote anyway.

Anthony waves.

dlpulver says, "That's basically it -- there's no room for both racial and character templates"

Anthony has disconnected.

coyote6 says, "And if point totals fluctuate as much as implied, they'd be a bit superfluous anyways."

dlpulver says, "Bye!"

dlpulver says, "Look, I'm saved from the black holes..."

JWoodward says, "Includes massive cargo zeppelins for Mars, heavy surface-to-orbit shuttles, reinforced for Venus, and the strap-on bioglider for flying on Mars."

Ragnar . o O ( Zepplins! )

Tzeentch says, "Bioglider?"

coyote6 likes the Technomancer templates -- plenty of interesting info in 'em

TheParadoxDruid . o O ( This isn't ending already, is it? )

Philip_Reed says, "Bioglider? We have to get a sketch of that soon."

Dataweaver [to coyote6]: IIRC, points fluctuate mainly after character creation.

Kromm [to TheParadoxDruid]: No. Jon Z. has yet to speak :-)

Rob [to dlpulver]: Naah, he'll be back soon.

JWoodward says, "Chapter 10 is the Martian Bestiary. Incldues sinister smartcats, vociferous ice weasels, and decorative dracofiles."

Bob says, "And other alliterative animules."

Tzeentch says, "Ice weasels? hehehe"

Kromm [to JWoodward]: And certain goats, IIRC :-)

Tzeentch says, "No killer voidcows or intelligent attack sloths?"

JWoodward says, "At night, the ice weasels come. Apologies to Gary Larson."

coyote6 says, "Attack sloths are book 5"

JWoodward says, "And inspired goats, yes."

CraigR . o O ( Isn't there a rock band called Eaten By Weasels? And if not, why? )

Dataweaver says, "How many chapters _are_ there?"

Dan1 has reconnected.

JWoodward says, "Chapter 11 is Campaigns, which includes all that you have come to expect from GURPS campaign chapters..."

Rob [to CraigR]: There isn't one because their name was autobiographical

JFZeigler was wondering that himself :-).

dlpulver says, "I think I need another chapter..."

dlpulver says, "I have chapter envy"

JWoodward says, "...crossovers, adventure seeds, campaign seeds (I'm particularly proud of "Elevator to Purgatory"), and campaign frameworks."

Tzeentch ponders rewriting "Love and BPC" to be more transhuman

Rob [to dlpulver]: Dude, you've got more pages than anybody else.

Ragnar . o O ( Two hours from now "chapter 37 contains . . ." )

JWoodward says, "But wait, there's more!"

dlpulver says, "Yeah, but mostly just for tech stuff..."

CraigR laughs

Tzeentch says, "And how much would we expect to pay for this?!"

Philip_Reed says, "I'm going to cry while I try and cram this thing in 144 pages."

JWoodward says, "There's a bibliography, a glossary, and three planetary record sheets for Mercury, Venus, and Mars."

Kromm says, "Some of the chapters are short, I should point out."

Rob [to Philip_Reed]: Repeat after me: "Font Size 6pt"

Imp has connected.

TheParadoxDruid might not be able to wait till Spring 20001, let alone later

coyote6 hopes we get a nice set of knives. "I need more silverware."

JWoodward says, "Plus, Confucianism."

azathoth has disconnected.

Rob [to JWoodward]: PRSes at the primary epoch of the setting, I presume?

JWoodward says, "Okay, that's it. Jon Z., you take your turn, and then I'll answer questions."

Kromm says, "And now we'll give Jon Zeigler a crack at selling a book!"

JFZeigler . o O ( Confucian to the enemy! )

Rob hopes TheParadoxDruid doesn't have to wait 18 thousand years!

Bob says, "And a baby's arm, holding an apple."

JFZeigler wakes up.

dlpulver says, "I don't want to wait until spring 20,001 either..."

Tzeentch says, "Speak to us Obi Wan Zeigler. Pimp your book ;)"

JFZeigler says, "Hmmm. Okay, the one I'm writing (and which is nowhere near as finished as these other two) is titled FIFTH WAVE. This book will be an overview of Earth in 2100 AD."

Imp steps into the elevator.

JFZeigler says, "The title is a Toffler reference, incidentally. No alien invasions here ;-)."

Bob [to JFZeigler]: May I gather the title follows from Toffler?.... ah.

Rob feels culturally illiterate because he doesn't know who Toffler is....

JFZeigler says, "Overview: Earth has eleven billion people living on it (more or less depending on how you define "people"). Lots of conflicts between nation-states and post-national groups, exotic ideologies, corporations, the works."

bigjon says, "Cool.Crowded, but cool."

JFZeigler says, "Chapter 00 is the Introduction, of course. Chapter 01 is "Story," a brief narrative history of the 21st Century."

Rob ahs

Ral disappears suddenly for parts unknown.

JFZeigler says, "That chapter has to be very broad-brush, since Earth is *crowded*."

JFZeigler says, "Chapter 02 used to be titled "In the Well" until Jonathan stole my Niven reference. Now it's "The Homeworld," a description of what it's like to live on Earth in the most advanced societies. I get to play futurist for a couple dozen pages."

JWoodward says, "(In The Well wasn't _my_ idea...)"

Kromm says, "That is a chapter to watch out for, folks :-) I have been party to some of the cool discussions . . ."

Bob . o O ( uh-oh Internecine squabbling... )

sasha23 has connected.

Kromm says, "Blame David and me for the titles."

coyote6 wants to read the archives of this Secret List. :)

dlpulver says, "The good ones are Seans..."

JFZeigler chuckles. "Some samples: the major ideological struggles of the next century have to do with *intellectual property* and the control of information. Most of the Fifth Wave nations have very "grey" demographics, with average ages in the population over 60 and a very nasty permanent generation gap. The global Web is a functioning noosphere. Commuting is dead, and the central cities are withering away."

Rob says, "Dude, intellectual property should be a bigger issue right now than it is...."

coyote6 . o O ( "Distraction", by Sterling... )

Tzeentch says, "What sort of computer tech is driving this? Usual "matrix" style telepresence/conferencing?"

JFZeigler says, "Chapter 03 is titled "States and the Stateless." A region-by-region, country-by country rundown of the history and current situation."

JFZeigler [to Tzeentch]: Yes, with a few twists.

Bob . o O ( ...history of the rundown... )

JFZeigler says, "Some samples there: China is the world's dominant superpower. The European Union is second, but has the most advanced tech. The US is third. The main focus of world conflict is in Southeast Asia and Oceania."

Tzeentch says, "Of course the US gets the beatdown ;)"

Rob says, "Is there an "international language"?"

dlpulver says, "Why? They have real-time instant translation..."

JFZeigler says, "Chapter 04 is an in-focus look at three major cities, with personalities, local organizations, local politics, and so on. The three cities will be Quito, Rotterdam and Baltimore :-)."

Tzeentch blinks

CraigR does, too

Tzeentch says, "Why those cities?"

bigjon says, "Baltimore?"

Bob says, "I know why Baltimore."

Bob says, "That's just to aggravate J. Maliszewski, isn't it?"

CraigR looks at Bob

JFZeigler says, "Quito because that's the world's biggest spaceport in 2100, although with a beanstalk under construction the Ecuadorians are about to lose a lot of market share. Rotterdam because it's probably the most high-tech city on the planet (and is mostly underwater). Baltimore because I wanted to do one US city and I live about ten miles from the Inner Harbor :-)."

Bob says, "Oh, well. It was a good guess!"

JFZeigler . o O ( And because I wanted to annoy James. )

coyote6 says, "Always a good idea to do what you know"

Bob falls down.

dlpulver says, "Why does James need annoying?"

Bob [to dlpulver]: Why not? :-)

coyote6 says, "Why would Baltimore annoy James? Does he hate Poe?"

Tzeentch says, "I take it future books may focus on individual nation states if the line takes off?"

Bob [to coyote6]: James is from Baltimore also, though he's had to move North of the Border.

Dataweaver . o O ( who is James? )

Bob [to Dataweaver]: James Maliszewski. Frequent contributor to Py ramid & JTAS, co-author of GT Starports, etc.

coyote6 says, "Ah, got it. Is he writing any TS stuff?"

Rob says, "He's writing a SF game that will be based on SR!, isn't he?"

Bob says, "Not my chat! Not James' Chat! Sorry I mentioned him! Please forgive me, Jon!"

Dataweaver says, "OK; what's Chapter 5?"

JFZeigler says, "Chapter 05 is People. Lots of character types here, although for details I'll have to wait to see what David and Jonathan come up with so as not to duplicate effort. There will be lots of character templates unique to Earth, though. Many human variant types exist to fit various Earth-wilderness environments, and there will be a lot of genotypes designed to fit the demands of one ideology or another."

coyote6 has reconnected.

coyote6 says, "Stupid lag. Is James going to be doing any TS stuff?"

CraigR [to coyote6]: Not that we know of. :)

Bob [to coyote6]: He's up to his neck in other stuff.

JFZeigler says, "No. James doesn't like transhumanism. He and I are good friends regardless and will probably be co-authoring something else next year :-)."

coyote6 . o O ( He must be Simply Busy! )

JFZeigler says, "Anyway. Chapter 06 is Technology. Earth-specific gadgets, including a lot of military hardware if I can manage it (military adventures will be one viable campaign type). I'll be spending a number of pages on the Web, including descriptions of various forms of "weblife" (sentience existing primarily in the noosphere)."

Tzeentch says, "Ooh, big guns!"

Bob almost qualifies as weblife... hasn't any anywhere else. ;-)

TheParadoxDruid says, " Ooh! weblife!"

Kromm has reconnected.

JFZeigler says, "Finally, Chapter 07 is Campaigns. There should also be a glossary and so on."

Kromm returns.

Kromm's ISP died for a while.

Bob [to Kromm]: No doubt scared by the tales of obsolescence it was hearing us chat about

JFZeigler says, "That's the overview. I think FIFTH WAVE will either be fourth or third in the series, and should be out late next summer given my first-draft deadlines."

Dataweaver says, "So 'net entities' _do_ exist..."

Kromm says, "For those wondering why we're going outer solar system -> inner solar system -> Earth's surface without doing Luna and Earth orbit, take note that a fourth book, TS: The High Frontier, is also slated. It will be a compilation, and may be written and released very quickly thanks to the wonders of parallel processing (i.e., multiple authors working at the same time)."

bigjon says, "No we don't We're just a myth."

JFZeigler says, "Shall we open the floor for general questions?"

dlpulver says, "Sure"

Rob [to Kromm]: What's the idea behind High Frontier?

Philip_Reed says, "There were some of you asking about interior color and pricing."

Rob whaps himself.

Bob screams as he falls through the open floor....

Rob says, "Oh... Earth/Luna orbit."

Kromm says, "Let's give Phil a word!"

Rob lives in fear of pricing.

CapnQ says, "Will the TSH series have GURPS-style Crossover Campaign sidebars? Previous chats have said no interstellar travel, but I'd love to see at least a mention of GURPS Alpha Centauri."

CraigR does not live in fear of color...

TheParadoxDruid hopes for interior color

coyote6 [to Rob]: Do not fear pricing! Except for Bay Area housing prices, of course. Fear those.

Ral pronks on in.

Ral disappears suddenly for parts unknown.

dlpulver says, "I don't plan any crossovers, but it's up to Kromm... did anyone else use them?"

JFZeigler raises a hand.

JWoodward says, "I did."

Rob [to coyote6]: I fear them bigtime. It is, of course, where I live.

Tzeentch says, "GURPS Ogre/TS crossovers!"

coyote6 says, "The one that immediately pops to mind would be Technomancer"

JWoodward says, "I have an In The Well/Technomancer sidebar. Fun fun."

Philip_Reed says, "Interior color and hardcovers are another option."

dlpulver says, "Did you do crossovers, JonW?"

Tzeentch says, "And Technomancer. Something to tide us over until the TM support books pop up."

coyote6 says, "For completeness, TS/Technomancer/Ogre/Traveller. ;)"

Ragnar says, "What about a Terradyne crossover?"

Kromm says, "How do people feel about interior color, hardcovers, and other fancy presentation for TS? Would you be willing to pay a bit more for prettier books, or is that not a concern?"

dlpulver says, "Maybe do the first book softcover. Do the hardback for the second printing...?"

Dataweaver . o O ( in the DL playtest, I seem to remember someone saying that crossovers were mandatory in GURPS books... )

Ragnar says, "I'd give my right arm for a beautiful GURPS book."

Tzeentch is not interested in interior color plates

dlpulver says, "I don't see them in Traveller"

coyote6 is ambivalent about color & hardcover

TheParadoxDruid says, "I would pay more for interior color art, but I prefer softcover... a lot"

JWoodward says, "How about foldout color maps (hint, hint)?"

Ragnar says, "Like GURPS Diskworld."

Philip_Reed says, "$34.95 for the first book?"

sasha23 says, "I'm always in favor of hardcovers. interior color is nice, but not gonna push me in either direction"

Rob [to Kromm]: While I'd like color art, I fear that'd push the price of a book to $30 or $35... and I'd rather have a nicely designed B&W book for $20.

Ragnar says, "I like foldout color maps like Fantasy II."

Rob has had to cut back a bit on the gaming books he's bought in the last few months, and doesn't anticipate any windfall that will increase his disposable income.

Tzeentch is more concerned about price then fancy maps. Sell those separately.

coyote6 says, "I'm basically cheap, but D&D3e will probably accustom me to 'em. And having a job will allow me to buy them. "

Rob says, "Price 'em too high, and I'll have to wait to buy 'em used on eBay a year later."

Ragnar says, "Blue Planet is about $30."

CraigR [to Rob]: Same here

Philip_Reed says, "Other books at $29.95."

Ragnar says, "I'll pay for quality."

Philip_Reed says, "If these were full color hardcover books they would be very high quality."

Rob says, "At $35 for the first, $30 for the rest, I'm probably going to opt out of the series, I fear...."

Philip_Reed says, "Heavy, glossy stock inside, lots of beautiful artwork."

Ragnar says, "D&D3 will accostom people to beautiful books, not necessarily low prices."

bigjon says, "Steep, but I'll likely be paying in MIB points, anyhow."

Philip_Reed says, "D&D books are going up in price."

CapnQ says, "I have quite a few GURPS book that I regretted not buying when they first appeared, because it took me years to find copies again."

Ragnar says, "Yeah, $40 for the Forgotten Realms book."

coyote6 says, "Steeply."

Philip_Reed says, "That's my question. How many people would pass on them no matter how good they looked if they were $30+?"

Tzeentch says, "Maybe make this a poll on Pyramid?"

Rob says, "I probably would."

Ragnar says, "Maybe, like Diskworld, a hardcover and softcover version?"

Rob says, "It would hurt, but...."

Philip_Reed says, "Yes, a poll is good. But so is talking with people."

Dataweaver [to dlpulver]: I don't mean to harp on it, but could we get a rundown of the Deep Beyond Table of Contents?

Ragnar says, "Maybe a interior-color and interior B&W version?"

TheParadoxDruid is a collection junkie... and would probably buy these no matter what

CraigR says, "I agree with Rob. It would hurt, but I would likely have to pass..."

bigjon says, "I'm obsessed w/ the setting, so I'll likely buy them at that price if I can afford to."

Rob says, "That is, unless I fail to get a permanent job in astrophysics, and have to bug out to the computer industry. Then a $35 book probably won't faze me."

coyote6 says, "I wouldn't; but I'm a GURPShead, and a confirmed Pulver & Punch fan, and very impressed with Woodward & Zeigler's work on Ogre & FIrst In"

TheParadoxDruid [to Tzeentch]: yeah, making this a poll issue might help

coyote6 is working in the computer industry. :)

Philip_Reed says, "How much was the last 3 game books you bought?"

JWoodward blushes modestly.

Rob [to coyote6]: Likewise for me, but even still I hate to see gaming book prices take such a huge leap.

Philip_Reed says, "Anyone..."

coyote6 says, "$30, $20 & $20"

JFZeigler takes a bow in coyote6's direction.

Ragnar says, "$25 -- Ctreature collection, $20, DMG & MM"

sasha23 says, "Last three game books? totaled about $80"

Rob says, "Do you cought used books purchased? I just bought a couple of GURPS Trav books used for $14 or $15 each."

Philip_Reed says, "What was the $30 book?"

Rob tries to remember the last gaming books he's bought new. Very little purchasing since the wedding.

coyote6 says, "But one of those was a super-low-price first printing D&D3 book"

JFZeigler wonders how many people have their last three game books as D&D 3/e. . .

Bob hasn't really bought anything, though he's spent on a lot of GT stuff for friends.

Tzeentch says, "Not me!"

dlpulver says, "Me!"

coyote6 says, "Correction, not $30, $25"

bigjon says, "My last three were inthe $20 to $25 range."

JFZeigler raises his hand too and blushes.

Rob hasn't purchased any D&D/3e books. He's interested, but not enough to justify the $20-$60.

Ragnar says, "I bought Feng Shui for $30, and it's b&w (mediocre) art."

TheParadoxDruid has never even read a D&D book

coyote6 says, "Not me. I bought the Creature Collection. :)"

Rob was tempted by BESM/2e, but was scared off by a $30 pricetag.

Philip_Reed says, "BESM 2e was $30 for 280-pages which work out to 140 GURPS-size pages."

Tzeentch says, "Shadowrun is the only line I follow at the moment"

Rob says, "Heck, so far as I can remember, the last new gaming book I purchased might have been Simply Roleplaying!, which came sans paper for $9 (if memory serves)."

JWoodward says, "I can't stay forever, friends. Shall I answer some of the questions that got thrown my way earlier?"

Bob nods.

Dataweaver says, "Sure."

JFZeigler makes a gesture in Jonathan's direction.

dlpulver says, "But BESM was full color..."

CraigR returns from a phone call, and raises his hand (in reference to Ziegler's question)...

Philip_Reed says, "And these would be full color hardcovers."

coyote6 must get BESM soon

Ragnar says, "What tech from UT 1&2 is appropriate to TS? (given the tech level)"

Rob got a comp copy of Fudge/EE because of the work he's done for GGG

dlpulver says, "Last questions for Jonthan first?"

Rob says, "Otherwise I would have purchased that...."

JWoodward says, "First off: Yup, the Peruvians have a presence on Mars. It's small population-wise, but they have a big impact on the culture, for reasons... well, you'll have to buy the book to find out."

Philip_Reed says, "None of this is official, just working on ideas."

CapnQ says, "My last six were GURPS titles in the range $16.95-$20.95"

JWoodward says, "(Also, I typoed "Saudis" when I was doing nationalities.)"

coyote6 [to Philip_Reed]: Of course, those ideas will be Internet Rumors in hours, if not minutes. :)

Philip_Reed says, "And that's why they're rumors and not facts."

JWoodward says, "Ragnar, I don't recall what Mercury was like in Clarke's _Rama_."

coyote6 says, "What do Martians _do_ -- industry, farm, what?"

Bob sings, "Oh, what do the Martian folk do...?"

JFZeigler . o O ( Rich, unified and authoritarian. )

CraigR [to coyote6]: Plan invasion of Earth, of course! ;)

JWoodward says, "To a certain extent, Bob, yes. Peruvians with high-altitude genetic heritage are easier to modify for Mars."

Bob yippees and gives himself a point.

JWoodward says, "Mars is the breadbasket of the Belt. (Comparative advantage over Earth, and all that.)"

Tzeentch says, "What sort of orbital network is over MArs?"

JWoodward says, "It's also on the cutting edge of biotech, simply because people _must_ be modified to survive there, and _can_ be, unlike Mercury."

JWoodward says, "And, it's the center of terraforming knowledge, which is becoming increasingly valuable."

coyote6 says, "People on Mercury can't be modified?"

Kromm [to coyote6]: People cannot be modified to survive Mercury.

CraigR [to coyote6]: Not to that extent

JWoodward says, "People can't be modified to survive naked on Mercury at TL11. Without getting full cyborg bodies, that is."

Dataweaver [to coyote6]: They can, but it wouldn't help them breathe vacuum.

coyote6 says, "Ah, right. I was wondering if there was soem kind of political/philosophical reason"

dlpulver says, "Though they're working on the breathing vacuum bit..."

Bob . o O ( mmmm.... vacuum. )

Tzeentch says, "Brathing vacuum...???"

Tzeentch says, "Breathing even"

JWoodward says, "The orbital netowrk over Mars: Shipyards, power sats, orbital mirrors melting the caps, a "Disney" resort, etc."

Tzeentch says, "Go Mars-Disney!"

Bob quotes Heinlein. "No future in it. Thin stuff, vacuum. Low vitamin content."

JFZeigler . o O ( A soletta? )

JWoodward says, "I didn't use the term "soletta", but it's the same theory."

JWoodward says, "Terraforming Venus: First, shade it from the sun."

JWoodward says, "Then wait a century or two for the CO2 to rain out."

CraigR is unfamiliar with the term "soletta"

JWoodward says, "Do something with the CO2. [handwave]"

Bob says, "Make limestone."

JWoodward says, "Add water, probably in the form of an iceteroid."

Tzeentch says, "What about orbital weapons like THORS? They seem to get a lot of attention on the boards. Any chance of canon orbital gunfire rules?"

JWoodward says, "To take care of the 200-Earth-day "day", deliver light on-demand via orbital "venetian" shades and mirrors."

Dataweaver [to JWoodward]: use rugged plantlife to convert CO2 into O2...

JFZeigler [to Tzeentch]: Probably, since (on Earth at least) the possibility will have transformed military doctrine.

JWoodward says, "There are orbital weapons, yah. K-killers, mostly"

Rob says, "On earth, when whatever the heck it was (blue-green algae?) turned our atmosphere into something with happy friendly Oxygen on it, how long did that take? Millions of years? Thousands? (I could probably look this up if I tried hard enough, but I'm hoping somebody will know.)"

CapnQ says, "Orbital Mind-Control Lasers? ;-"

CapnQ says, ";-)""

JFZeigler [to Rob]: Many millions, but then nobody was intelligently helping the process along.

JWoodward says, "Someone asked about the bioglider: A G/Vehicle design, biomechanical structure, muscle engine, ornithopter drivetrain. Strap-on wings. Works dandy in 0.38 gee on Mars."

Rob says, "What's a realistic "hard science fiction" estimate for how short that period could be?"

Bob peeks at . . . Hillary won, they say.

Tzeentch says, "Ahh, the bioglider sounds interesting"

bigjon says, "And Bush took Tennesse, but the big race is still a nail-biter."

TheParadoxDruid doesn't care for politics that much, but right now... Gore is ahead by 7 electorial votes

JWoodward says, "I don't have that figure handy, Rob."

Rob is amused that Gore has been declared the winner in Florida, but that Bush seems to have a greater percentage of the vote now that more precints have reported....

coyote6 says, "Since organizations are a fairly big deal in the setting, any thought to reworking the "Friends & Enemies" (Patron, Enemy, etc) rules, as has occasionally been discussed in various places?"

CraigR says, "You know, hearing about these venusian "shades" has got me thinking about a crossover with GURPS Immram. "Well, a ship moving at a large fraction of the speed of light will hit your sun in 50 years, turning it into a flare star." "Wow, we better move that shade network off Venus and over our world!" :)"

Rob [to JWoodward]: I was just wondering if it could be done in 10s of years, 100s... or does one have to do more fancy biotech things to get it to work.

Kromm [to coyote6]: That is really a BASIC SET 4/e issue, not a TS one.

TheParadoxDruid . o O ( rework the friends and enemies rules? how? )

JWoodward says, "I added some details to Contacts, dealing with guanxixue (Chinese gift-culture)."

TheParadoxDruid [to JWoodward]: yeah, that's cool stuff

cdr has disconnected.

AdamJ has disconnected.

Ragnar says, "What tech from UT1&2 is appropriate to TS? (given the tech level)"

coyote6 [to TheParadoxDruid]: So that several hundred point characters don't pay for 100 pt characters as "Allies" when they're functionally dependents.

dlpulver says, "TL11 hard science high biotech tech path"

JWoodward says, "They're _certainly_ doing fancy biotech things. Nevertheless, terraforming Venus will take an order of magnitude longer than Mars."

Dataweaver [to dlpulver]: how high is the biotech?

TheParadoxDruid has had a revelation.. wow, thanks coyote6

JFZeigler [to Ragnar]: I think the assumption is, TL10 with TL11 biotech is common, the next TL after that is cutting-edge and mostly unavailable, but there are a lot of small modifications to the standard GURPS TL.

Kromm says, "Lots and lots . . ."

Kromm says, "We talked about that in an earlier chat."

JFZeigler says, "We're reworking the standard rules for computer software, for example."

Tzeentch blinks

coyote6 says, "Any hints as to how?"

Tzeentch says, "How so if I may ask?"

dlpulver says, "TL11 with a few TL12"

Philip_Reed says, "Does anyone have any additional art or pricing questions before I leave?"

Kromm says, "Basically, don't expect force tech, reactionless thrust, FTL drives, exotic beam weapons, or anything like that."

TheParadoxDruid says, "What's the assumption in computing? Quantum computers? Black hole computers? still the same old? Biological?"

Dataweaver says, "i.e., Early TL12..."

Rob [to Philip_Reed]: Just the usual whines about hoping the prices don't come out too high :)

Philip_Reed says, "Mmmmm. Black hole computers."

coyote6 [to Philip_Reed]: You mentioned Shy -- any other artists? Anyidea when we can see sample art? :)

dlpulver says, "quantum, biological, optical"

Kromm [to TheParadoxDruid]: We have discussed quantum computers and biocomputers extensively.

bigjon says, "Gonna head out. Night all."

coyote6 [to Kromm]: Any beam weapons? Personal beam weapons?

dlpulver says, "bye"

bigjon waves.

bigjon has disconnected.

Philip_Reed says, "Concept art should be hitting the web soon. As of now, Shy is the only artist on the project (we don't want to add artists until all of the conceptual work is done)."

TheParadoxDruid says, "Personally, I hope there are lasers, and nothing else"

dlpulver says, "Personal beam weapons are, vaguely, possible, but lack any significant advantage, with the exception of electrolasers which are widely used."

Tzeentch says, "Oh David: Someone was mentioned a change in the way barrel lengths for electromags are calculated. Is this going to be in the book?"

Philip_Reed says, "There is a chance he may do all of the artwork for the series./"

Kromm says, "On the other hand, expect kickass Quake-style projectile weapons :-)"

Ragnar [to Philip_Reed]: I want a beautiful book to sell GURPS to all non-GURPSians

dlpulver says, "I think the mention was to a change in Vehicles most recent printing."

JFZeigler says, "We're using realistic battery rules. So beam weapons aren't terribly practical."

Philip_Reed says, "I don't know if anyone has noticed but the graphic and art qualities of GURPS books have been improving. TS will be no exception and probably a new level of graphic quality for the company."

dlpulver says, "The standard superloop system holds about 5% of storage of GURPS TL11 power cells... about 1% for the E cells."

coyote6 noticed.

dlpulver says, "I am looking forward to seeing it, Philip"

Tzeentch says, "Me wants to see power armor ;)~"

Ragnar [to Philip_Reed]: I've noticed the layout has gone from mediocre to amazing. Continue it!

artee has disconnected.

Philip_Reed says, "The logo has gone through a third revision today and should be completed and posted sometime in the next few weeks."

Philip_Reed says, "I think we have 5 or 6 concept sketches for power armor right now."

Rob [to Philip_Reed]: I have noticed that graphic and art qualities of the books has been increasing. Really, I notice it most when I look back at GURPS books from several years ago.

coyote6 prepares to begin drooling now, then.

Dataweaver says, "Will 'realistic batteries' come in a, b, c, d, e, etc. sizes, or will they have a single energy-to-mass density, as per Vehicles? "

Philip_Reed says, "Steamppunk and Old West are two perfect examples."

A man enters the room. There's nothing strange about him other than a slight pallor to his face, the Raven sitting on his shoulder, and the fact that he has MikeLee tattooed on the inside of his eyelids. He makes his way to the table, sets his Dew next to him, and waves to the room.

CraigR waves at Mike

MikeLee wavies :)

TheParadoxDruid says, "when might the first book enter playtest?"

dlpulver says, "They will come in a, b, c, d, e sizes but be reworked to have a single energy-mass density like vehicles."

Kromm [to TheParadoxDruid]: Most likely in January.

Philip_Reed says, "A peek at the first logo version for fans."

dlpulver says, "When I have time to finish it... I hope and pray soon..."

Dataweaver is waiting for the revised computer rules.

CraigR hmms at the logo...

Kromm says, "Anyhow, your ringleader here needs to leave at 9 p.m. CST, or in about 10 minutes. Any final questions before we turn off the log and call it a night?"

dlpulver says, "Main change has been to rationalize some of the data"

Tzeentch says, "I'm looking forward to the new computer rules..."

Kromm [to Tzeentch]: We all are :-) Especially those of us who have to work on GURPS :-) :-)

TheParadoxDruid says, "Thanks all! This discussion has me drooling for more... Have a good night!"

coyote6 [to Kromm]: Any hints as to the authors of the other two books? :)

JFZeigler can stick around a bit longer if anyone wants to continue.

Tzeentch says, "Well hopefully the line will take of and I can pimp for a freelance position heeh"

TheParadoxDruid has disconnected.

JWoodward says, "Thanks for coming, all! I'll stay on till the hour chimes."

Tzeentch says, "Yay!"

CraigR says, "Great chat, guys. :)"

coyote6 thanks the Esteemed Panel for being here

Ragnar says, "How much has the latest logo revision changed from this first one?"

dlpulver says, "Someone wanted to ask about black holes..."

Rob must go.

Philip_Reed says, "How much do you want it to have changed?"

Rob waves generally

CraigR [to Rob]: Later

Kromm [to coyote6]: I cannot say without contracts in hand, but some people with White Wolf backgrounds are interested, and a certain popular GURPS author is as well.

JFZeigler points his singularity projector at David. Oh, wait. . .

Rob defenestrates himself

Ragnar says, "I like it a lot, but then, I'm not an artist . . ."

JWoodward says, "I think that was Anthony, David, who isn't here any more."

dlpulver says, "Okay..."

coyote6 [to dlpulver]: None of the peoplee from .gurps showed up, except Anthony -- & he's gone

JWoodward says, "I'm sure he'll read the log, if you wanted to expound."

dlpulver says, "Well, they've only found a couple ... and two were stolen."

Philip_Reed says, "I want to know when I'll be running Photoshop off of that black hole computer you mentioned. I could use the extra power."

dlpulver says, "About 2160, I think."

CapnQ [to coyote6]: "Hey, I'm from .gurps ! I just don't post much. Especially since I've beeen swallowed whole by SSI's Reach for the Stars :-)

Dataweaver says, "So black holes are _extremely_ rare..."

Bob's computer runs off a black hole... in his wallet...

Philip_Reed says, "I'm gonna be old!"

coyote6 [to CapnQ]: I was speaking of the not-fans-of-the-black-hole-concept crowd

dlpulver says, "I think they found a dozen in total..."

Kromm [to Philip_Reed]: We'll peel your brain and store you in orbit, don't worry.

Philip_Reed says, "Ouch!"

CapnQ [to coyote6]: Oh, OK. I'm neutral on that, and behind on reading the group.

Ragnar says, "What are the possibilites for game fiction based on TS?"

coyote6 [to Philip_Reed]: Then you'll *be* a black hole

Dataweaver says, "So most people have to get by without them, I take it?"

JWoodward says, "Heh, one of the campaign frameworks I propose is "Players as PCs". Average age 130 or so. A very transhuman notion, I thought."

dlpulver says, "There's always Valkyrie Rock. They make a living buying cryonic corpses that were frozen before the technology matured, making partial revivals, and selling them as implants."

CraigR says, "Yeek"

dlpulver says, "I've stated that break-even occured around 2060 or so."

JWoodward says, "Break-even in terms of lifespan, David?"

Kromm [to Ragnar]: We plan to consider fiction once the returns are in on the first 6 books. That is all I can say.

dlpulver says, "Yes."

CraigR . o O ( I'll be 94 in 2060... )

dlpulver says, "That is, the average life expectancy matches the rate that lifespans are increasing."

dlpulver says, "At least in most developed countries, then 4th wave"

Kromm says, "And on that note, I am going to call it a chat. Thank you all for coming! I am going off to do other things, but feel free to stay and discuss the subject to your heart's content."

Michalak arrives muttering something about Ill Nombre de la Rosa.

CapnQ . o O ( I'll be 101 in 2060 )

Dan1 says, "how old is the oldest person"

Philip_Reed says, "Bye, everyone."

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