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Steve Heinrich

TL15 Archeology Professor

aka Morgan Llewellyn, holo-movie star

aka "Biff Ranger of the Space Patrol," campy movie hero

Total: 270 points

Age: early 100's, blond hair, blue eyes, hunky but not bulky-muscled. Over six feet in height.


(10) ST 11
(30) DX 13
(45) IQ 14
(20) HT 12
Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+1, Speed 6.25, Move 6

Advantages (110 points):

Charisma +1, Reputation (+2, Holovid Star; 10 points), Status +1, Filthy Rich, Handsome, Eidetic Memory I (30 points)

[Eidetic Memory house rule: First level Eidetic does not multiple effective points. Instead, it adds +2 to all IQ-based skills, including defaults. Time use is doubled (100 hours for a point, instead of 200).]

Disadvantages (-45 points):

Code of Honor (Courtesan: be polite, discreet, respect the privacy of others, always be consensual, never harm a lover/client with what you know; -10 points), Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Sense of Duty (Everyone known personally; -10 points), Space Sickness

Quirks (-5 points):

Minor Workaholic; Creche baby; Boy Scout at heart; [2 undetermined]

Skills                      Type Pts Level
Acrobatics                       P/H   8    14
Acting                           M/A        16
Agronomy/TL7                     M/A        11
Anthropology (xeno-)             M/H   1    14
Archaeology                      M/H   8    18
Architecture/TL7                 M/A        11
Area Knowledge (New Garavar)     M/E  0.5   15
Bard                             M/A        17
Beam Weapons (laser)/TL15        P/E  0.5   14
Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL15        P/E   1    15
Carousing                        P/A   8    14
Climbing                         P/A   4    14
Computer Operation/TL15          M/E        12
Dancing                          P/A   4    14
Detect Lies                      M/H  0.5   13
Diplomacy                        M/H   1    14
Disguise                         M/A  0.5   14
Driving (ATV/Crawler)            P/A   1    12
El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL15          M/A  0.5   14
Erotic Art (hobby)               P/H   8    15
Exoskeleton                      P/A   1    12
Fight Choreography               M/A        13
First Aid/TL15                   M/E  0.5   15
Free Fall/TL15                   P/A         0 (8)
Leadership                       M/A  0.5   15
Linguistics                      M/VH 0.5   12
Low-G Flight (Hobby skill)       P/A  24    20
Make-Up (theatrical)/TL15        M/E   1    16
Naturalist                       M/H   1    14
Orienteering                     M/A  0.5   14
Performance                      M/A   6    18
Piloting (Aircar)/TL15           P/A   2    13
Planetology (Earthlike)/TL15     M/A  0.5   14
Professional Skill (Courtesan)   M/A   1    15
Psychology                       M/H   2    15
Research                         M/A   1    15
Savoir-Faire                     M/E        18
Sex Appeal                       M/A  10    16
Stage Combat                     P/A  0.5   15
Survival (Urban)                 M/A   1    15
Teaching                         M/A   1    15
Vacc Suit/TL15                   M/A  0.5   14
Video Production/TL15            M/A        14
Writing                          M/A   1    15
Xenology                         M/H   2    15


New Garavaran                    M/A        16 
[average]                        M/A  0.5   16 
[average]                        M/A  0.5   16 

[Undeclared languages indicate "dead" ones, from the extinct civilizations he digs up.]

Attributes: 105 points
Advantages: 110 points
Disadvantages: -45 points
Quirks: -5 points
Languages: 1 point
Skills: 104 points
Total: 270 points



Steve makes a fine scholar, but the stage-performing part becomes harder to justify. Perhaps he's a retired traveling performer - one could probably lower the holovid-related skills and raise others. He'll need something like Shortsword or Knife, and Beam Weapons swapped to Bow, Crossbow, or Sling. Space Sickness is no longer a disad - consider adding Motion Sickness (from GURPS Compendium), though that might be too crippling.


If Harrison Ford really were an archaeology professor, and doing the Indiana Jones movies . . . Or something like it. Adjust the TLs of various skills. His "Professional's" CoH will probably turn into a personal CoH, and he may never have been an "escort."

Near Future:

Pretty much like the conversions for Modern, though there's still a decent chance he was an "escort" at one point. He'll be more likely to have bodyguards (being a vid-star and all), especially along on his digs, where he strives mightily to recover information and artifacts before some corp comes along and bulldozes the area. A lot of other people think he's rather . . . eccentric (read: crazy).

Steve Heinrich is one of New Garavar's "genetic diversity babies." The New Garavaran Genetics Board takes "under-represented" gene samples (mostly left over from when the colony was on the generation ship) and causes kids to be born (thank the stars for artificial wombs/uterine replicators).

These children, known as "diversity babies" or "creche babies" are usually raised in creches of 3-10 by 1-6 professional parents. Creche babies are usually healthy, happy, and well-socialized, though some (especially in the larger creches) can feel alienated or overlooked. Steve, happily, was one of the well-socalized lot.

While New Garavar has enough resources to provide subsistance living for everyone (or at least what TL11-15 thinks is "subsistance"), there's not much in the way of frills. Therefore, Steve decided to work his way through college - with his looks and gentle, outgoing personality, he was a natural for the job of "Professional." (Professional Courtesan, that is.) He met various people, both as clients and at parties he was escorting clients at, and eventually auditioned for a few holovids - including the campy quasi-farce, "Biff Ranger of the Space Patrol."

"Biff Ranger" was a hit, very likely because of Steve's good looks (his contract states that he gets his shirt torn off at least once per movie) and his repressed, infectious delight in the role of the honorable, if none-too-bright, Good Guy.

However, being seen as "none-too-bright" isn't that good a thing when you want to head into academia, so Steve took the stage name of Morgan Llewellyn. [No relation to the real-life SF author by that name!]

Between his hobby of Low-G Flight (he's near-Olymipic skill, though he didn't manage to qualify when he tried out for it), his movie making, and the digs that he wants to go on, Steve let his Courtesan's Guild membership lapse. Though no longer practicing, he retains the strict ethical code that Professionals abide by (and indeed, takes it even more seriously than many practicing ones do!).

"Professor Heimrich" has lived through four Tech Levels - 11-15, and at least one clone-braintape transferance. (Possibly more, and/or anti-agathics - "Biff Ranger" is an eternal 25-year old in the movies . . . ) Depsite this, he's still content to teach grad students, dig up dead civilizations, and act in the 60th Biff Ranger movie when handed the script, though he's considering taking up directing some decade.

He funds most of his own excavation trips using the profits from the Biff Ranger movies; his only other money-sinks are fancy clothes (often designed by Lady Erica, an old friend) and his house on New Garavar, which has a large gymnasium with gravity controllers in it, so he can practice his Low-G Flight.

His area of Archaeological interest is in pre-spaceflight, post-industrial civilizations - about TL6-TL9. He spends a fair amount of time digging up old computers and trying to get the data off of them in some readable way.

Some of his more notable grad students are Frederick Song, Jeanette Wilson, Colin Kinazcy, Caradoc Wu, and Amadi Kipp. He has others - including various starry-eyed young things (of both genders) who think he's a hunk and are nurturing a crush on him. He tries to discourage this by over-working his grad students shamefully. The ones who love archaeology as much as he does only grumble; the ones who are just after his body tend to leave after a semester or two.

If TL15 isn't your idea of Space, just scale down accordingly. He's got no skills that are TL15 specific.

Steve is likely to show up on a dig, when the PCs are hunting Precursor artifacts - he's not generally interested in stuff above TL9, but he really is a "Space Patrolman" at heart, and might object to the usual lot of scruffy PCs mucking around with Tech Men Were Not Meant To Play With.

Alternatively, he could be a Patron, hiring the PCs and/or their ship to guard/transport him and his grad students to some fringe-space planet that he wants to have his dig at.

Or perhaps he needs a rescue - either from pirates who thought he was digging up valuable stuff, or from some bit of something Man Was Not Meant To Push The Buttons Of.

Or, if the PCs are in a situation where they need a hand, he might prove to be more combat-capable than anyone thinks.

Typical Quotes:

"The Space Patrol is on the job, ma'am!"

" 'To Angelee, with love, Morgan.' Here you are, miss."

" 'To Jimmy, a real Junior Patrolman! Biff Ranger.' There ya go, kid!"

"Space Patrolmen are always prepared!"

"Look out, newsie-cams. Quick, let's duck in here - there's a back way out."

" . . . so we finally figured out it wasn't a city-map of anywhere on the planet, but was for some kind of game - the other book, next to it, had us fooled, since it had a decently accurate map of one of their major cities. Turned out that one was for some 'modern' game, 'Air-Transport Ten and Three,' Colin translated it as."

"I'm very sorry, dear, but I don't date students. Now, why don't you translate these Irari journals and see if there's anything useful in them?"

"Yes, I know I gave you fifty issues of the journal - I can't read them to figure out which articles I want. That's what grad-students are for."

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